Tuesday, June 29, 2004

These are my new running shoes, and some socks to go with them. Thanks to my friend Kevin, and my scary doctor I started running a few weeks back. It whips the living shit out of me, but I feel energized when I'm done. So after a few weeks in my feet started to hurt. From the get go Kevin kept disrespecting my old shoes. He told me I needed to get proper shoes designed for running, and to my style of running. So after enough pain I did. Boy did it help! Tonight I easily ran most of my route, by at least a full 1/3 more then usual, and when I was not running it wasn't because of pain in my legs, it was because my heart/lungs were pushed to the max and I needed a breather. So thanks Kevin, I'm glad I listened, these shoes ROCK! Also congratdulations to Kevin on completing his triathalon two weeks back.

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