Friday, June 11, 2004

Quotation out of desperation.

One of the individuals whom I work with came up with a great quote, we were talking about software bugs, and I said to it him "dammit Sean, your and your pessimistic law, I am expecting things to go wrong and they are going right. (thinks you need to know here is I was referring to Murphy's Law, while not strictly his, his name is Sean Murphy and hence we always joke its his law, and in this case I figured things I want to go wrong going right in this case fell under the category of 'anything that can go wrong will.' Also Sean asked to be given the reference for the following quotation, hence why his name is being mentioned otherwise I wouldn't name anyone from work.)"

His response was
"That's not an application of Murphy's Law, that Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, An watched error condition never expresses itself."
Sadly that is not a direct word-for-word quotation, it in fact sounded much better at the time, but since, as Sean says, there is no room in the budget for him to have a personal scribe follow him around all day, such exact witticisms are lost.

So I guess we can say that this is some how adapted from the following paraphrased statement about uncertainty, "One can know the exact position of an electrons, and not its velocity or vice versa"

The more precisely the position is determined, the less precisely the momentum is known in this instant, and vice versa.
--Heisenberg, uncertainty paper, 1927

So we shall now adopt the Murphy-Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

The more precisely the position of an error condition is determined, the less precisely the error conditions will be expressed in this instant, and vise versa."
-- Sean Murphy, random cubicle retorts, 2004.

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