Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lego Build – Death Star – Bag 4.7

Last box is one big set of bags, for which I grabbed the smallest tray


First quadrant is either a interrogation chamber or a droid repair facility

Docking clamp for Tie-Fighter

Creepy command chairs

Vader's Tie Advanced

Third quadrant is currently mysterious

Turbo lasers for the fourth quadrant


Chamber finished, pretty sure it is for droids?
And we are done, stay tuned for one last wrap up post with detail photos of each room.

Lego Build – Death Star – Bag 3.6

Hey, it's my foot!  Clearly not a large bag.

Although you will now find this battle station is fully armed and operational

This is the only "scene" in the play set that isn't in Episode Ivm but it is pretty cool.

Fatttther, no!