Saturday, April 16, 2016

Lego Build - Death Star - Finished

Sorry folks (I know there are not a lot of people actually reading) it has been a while, and I've Lego Built a few more sets since, but I wanted to finish this set retrospective.

A crazy pano shot while the set rotated.

Luke fighting (spoiler alert) his father in the emperor's throne room.

Accessing the computer above the hanger bay

Preparing to fire the cannon

"Boring conversation anyway"

There is something moving in here

Fear of this battle station will keep them in line

Over all an awesome play set, with scenes from Episode IV and VI.  My next step is a motorized lazy suzan to put it on display.  But that is for a future when I'm less busy...

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Lego Build – Death Star – Bag 4.7

Last box is one big set of bags, for which I grabbed the smallest tray


First quadrant is either a interrogation chamber or a droid repair facility

Docking clamp for Tie-Fighter

Creepy command chairs

Vader's Tie Advanced

Third quadrant is currently mysterious

Turbo lasers for the fourth quadrant


Chamber finished, pretty sure it is for droids?
And we are done, stay tuned for one last wrap up post with detail photos of each room.

Lego Build – Death Star – Bag 3.6

Hey, it's my foot!  Clearly not a large bag.

Although you will now find this battle station is fully armed and operational

This is the only "scene" in the play set that isn't in Episode Ivm but it is pretty cool.

Fatttther, no!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Lego Build – Death Star – Bag 3.5

Looks like I have my numbering sorted out
Sorted for assembly ease (I wish the book did a better job of colour coding, sometimes knowing if it was grey, grey, or black was harder to tell then you might imagine

Fire has spread to the upper levels
Looks like it started in the tractor beam generator

Walls begin to rise across the level

Cargo and lights in the landing bay

Control center for the hanger

Deluxe prison cell, with hatch to compactor

Sticker and carful scaling for great perspective/illusion on the size of the prison complex

Removable cell wall

Accoutrements of emperorhood, including raised dais and collapsable platform above bottomless pit.

Hanger bay blast door installed, with R2 unit access panel (it is also operable by blaster)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Lego Build – Death Star – Bag 2.4

Some slices of Alderaan's tectonic plates

I changed my mind and randomly numbered this bag/box instead of box / bag.  For this step the box only contained one set of bags, and I also found out at this point that the bags were sequentially numbered from 1 - n, and I didn't need the box.bag notation, so I decided to keep it up, in spite of screwing it up.

my sprawling workstation, and proof to Bryan that I sort my Lego just like the instructions say (sometimes)

First quadrant builds the hanger deck where the elevator rises.

Damn I thought we left her down below

Coolest tanks and mount for some sort of weapon, some sort of planet destroying weapon.

Next quadrant, mysterious computer console

and a hole leading to the garbage compactor

Three quadrants complete

Finally someones showed up to clean up the cannon cross over,
hey who are those new guys, are they the droids I was looking for?

Detail on the bottom of the last quadrant.

Some details on the top.

All quadrant bases laid down

That explains the details, and the heroic rescue

Top view of the finished layer