Monday, March 31, 2008

Not the Weekend I was Expecting

But good none the less,

Friday started as an attempt to get together with Trevor and the three of us go out for dinner and a movie. It never actually made it past the meet with Trevor part, which ended in a impromptu pub night in downtown. Trevor had already wrangled up a bunch of RBC'rs some I knew, and a few new ones, and what started as a pint, just kept going through two live performers and many many rounds. As per usual Erin laughed at me in the morning, apparently I am quite the proliferate thumb typist when out on the town. Anyways, it made for a late, but pleasant night, Trevor and his gang drink there often enough that they are now friends with the first act, who actually owns what is supposed to be a pretty hip indie music place of his own. Since I have a brain like a sieve I can't remember the name of the place, but it is 'cool.' We were supposed to end up there, but didn't.

Saturday was a take two on Friday, but before we got that far TWO of my friends gave birth whilst I was deep in slumber. Chris and Emma (Chris being that trouble maker Trevor's brother) welcomed into the world young miss Katie, who was in quite the hurry decided that 4 hours was more then enough warning of her intent to join us outside, to actually being here. Mom and baby are now how and doing well, although understandable tired.

Another friend relatively new friend Pierre and his wife (whom I actually haven't met yet,) welcomed Annabelle, who was actually in less of a hurry, and had happily grown to 12lbs 4oz... Pierre's wife is in a bit of discomfort, but recovering.

Both were born in the wee wee hours of the morn.

So with babies on the brain Erin and I did our own registry at Baby's R Us, I'd link it, but I can't seem too do so, but if you can in theory, when it is working, look up the registry under Erin's name. We then visited Chris and Emma at the hospital, Emma was out finally getting some rest, and Chris was masterfully handling the baby, I promise Emma, he caught her on the first bounce. :P )

We then did meet up with Trevor for the dinner and a movie, dinner being at our house, with a side of some board games, and chillen in the dark for earth hour, followed by that new gambling flick 21. Not the best casino movie ever made, but pretty good, the lead actor whose name slips my mind but was also in Across the Universe is pretty good, and someone to keep an eye on. Now maybe it was the haze of a busy day, and late prior night, but I have to concede missing the triple cross at the end which Erin had guessed would happen. So one point for Erin on the predictometer, I think that narrows my lead to only infinity - 1. :p

Sunday was more subdue, Erin is feeling better and now back to the gym, while I helped with the groceries. We then ran around did some errands and chores, then ended at Erin's parents for a nice dinner, and a show-and-tell on the many ongoing projects for 'Morgan's' room.

So not what I was expecting, but good.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Weighted Companion Cube of my Very Own

Ever since I blasted through Portal in the fall I've been raving about the game, on every level it was phenomenal. Now I can memorialize that game experiance with my very own Weighted Companion Cube. A very useful device when navigating the various test chambers.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Becel Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart

Hey folks, this is probably the first of many such notes, but I figured I would start early. I've registered for the Becel Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart once again. As the ride is June 1st, Erin thought she and 'Morgan' might just sit this one out, so I'm going to be riding for both of them. As last year Morgan didn't ride, and Erin did the 25k, that leaves me doing the 50k this year to make up the difference. :)

So here is my handy donation page, my goal this year is to do as well or better then last year (of Erin and my combined contribution total.) Which was about $500, so we will start there and see where we can go.

I think I said this around the time I did the Stair Climb, but I will say it again, I've moved from the Stair Climb to the Ride as my annual thing, not because I loath stairs, but because Heart and Stroke is a cause with which I can fully support. I think the United Way does a lot of great stuff, but I don't agree with it 100%, where as I know friends and families who have been touched by heart disease and who have been saved through research made possible like the Heart and Stroke Foundations, or other similar organizations. That alone would be reason enough to support them, but as a overweight, otherwise healthy Caucasian male, with a family history of various heart disease, I have a very pragmatic view that if I'm not careful heart disease will effect me more directly.

So with that particularly morbid though, or self serving pragmatism, I'm wholeheartedly (har har) supporting this cause, and thus fully trusting, relying, guilting my friends and family into supporting me.

So if you haven't read this post, you will be hearing from me in the coming months.

Until then, let the training begin!



Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cat Show Pics

Here is Loki's big day at the cat show!

Po started pretty early, boy was he tired from all training:
Here we are arriving at the show: (No pictures inside, it was too dark.)

Here is the Champion returned home victorious

So we bought a crib :)

Impulse buyers we may be, but it really was a great deal, the crib we wanted was perfect, $100 less then all the others, came with a free (good)mattress, and was discounted the value of the tax! So yeah it was a good deal, all thanks to the store moving locations, (about 100 m down the road.)

Anyways, we can't pick it up for a week or two, but we left a deposit.

Here is Erin with the floor model:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Loki Practicing for the Cat Show

Loki had a pretty busy weekend (especially for a cat) his monkey, Erin, has been working hard to practice his tricks in build up to this weekends cat show at the Universtiy of Guelph, Collage Royal. Loki was really nervous at the show, and while he was narrowly edged out of largest cat, but was met with Ooooos and Ahhhhhs. He didn't leave empty handed, coming home with both a runner up for best male, and a first place ribbon for best trick. While somewhat upset by the process, he has forgiven us, because he looooooves all the new toys he won, he isn't sure what to make of his ribbon. I will post more pictures, but here is the video of his trick:

Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Pi Day!

Partake of the traditional holiday food at 1:59 this afternoon, and appreciate the ratio in all its wonder.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I Feel a Kinship with this Cake Tradition

While I don't have any memories of cakes of particularly 'cool' decoration, I was reminded of a tradition in the family, and that is of the destructo-birthday cake. Perhaps it is the warm August weather that tends to deflate angel food, and melt whip cream, but I have had a long series of interesting cakes over the years.

  • The glass filled cake

  • The melted compressed whip cream cake

  • The crunchiest crunch candy crunch candy cake

  • The cake covered in sulfurous us rocket exhaust cake

  • ...

  • There were many more interesting cakes over the year, but if you will pardon the joke, the last one really takes the cake...

    Anyways, fond fond memories, just sharing the link that recalled them to me.

    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    In case you were wondering

    What my ring was made out of, why it is written right here.

    Okay, I am a giant nerd because yes, I would wear an elemental ring. The prices a re a little steep though, if you ask me.