Monday, June 14, 2004

Raiders lose to Royal Pain, in a painful string of injuries

The Raiders came out swinging in the first but were met with staunch resistance, nearly scoring a run but getting forced out at first. As the Raiders took the field things started out a little loose, and Royal Pain capitalized on that with some stellar surprise hitters, remember, just because a girl is at bat, doesn’t always mean the can’t hit. The third inning was a catastrophe for the Raider’s as a bad call at home left the team demoralized for the remainder of the inning. In the last few innings the Raiders picked it back up to keep the scoring in check, but in spite of some power hitting innings were unable to battle back. Left rover, yours truly, made some good plays early on, but was hindered by a pulled quadriceps. Star second baser Jane made a good play for a rocket from the outfield, but it bounced funny and took her in the face. All in all a great effort, and some solid playing, obvious room for improvement, but the potential is there, and most of all it was fun. Final score was 7 to 19!

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