Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bricking and Drywall - take 3

We got a bath tub in every room...

Bricking Continues

Brick almost finished on this side.

About halfway done the back

Typical state of the upstairs, about 80% of it drywalled.  Certainly the 80% of your standard 80/20 rule.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Brick Starting to go up (probably done by Wednesday...)

Bricking Started on our house

Our Bricks, I think the whitish ones are actually dirty, something about humidity and salt inside the bricks, it washes off, and has a fancy name.  I could also be wrong.

Inside all insulated up, and the drywall arrived.

Standard front view, now with scaffold, bricks and men.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

ps my template changed

Framewalk Today

So here are some random pictures from the framewalk, actually these are distinctly not random, but some specific pictures of the backyard. I was trying (without the site plan) to visualize the backyard. So I staked out three stakes, one at 16', 32' and 48'.

And the magic number is actually.... 24 ft. So between the first and second stake is our backyard (typed steak there... must be BBQ withdrawl.)

Anyways, the angle makes the images next to useless, but I enjoy the theory of it at least. Might go back and if my stakes are still there take a shot from inside the house to get a better idea.

And here is just the rest of the random stuff I took pictures of, enjoy:

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

About Time

Listening to All in Good Time by BNL, wondering if I took this album, and interleaved it with Stephen Page's new album if I could distinguish it from other BNL albums.

In honesty it is a good album, it isn't a great one, its just good, but I think there last album (not including Snack Time! its in a world of its own,) was my favourite since Stunt. It would have been hard to follow with out a band schism. The Toronto Star raved gleefully about it, and I'm not saying it isn't warranted, it just didn't feel like a sincere review.

So other then the obvious allusions to Steven Page in the single, the album is a good sound, and and it takes me back to the concert at the Dakota. I feel the studio polish doesn't always do them service as they sound great live, but the album stays generally in a bubble gum, blue grass sound. (I'm not a music critic, but thats how I hear it, so :P )

So if you like BNL give'r a listen, if not, your probably going to pass, but enjoy the single which seems to have grab the radio by the horns.


more drivel when I can

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Insides are changing

Well it makes for bland blogging (and no pictures,) but the house got some work done on it this week. Looks like plumbing is underway. I know Bob was asking if they were going to use copper or the new flexible stuff, and the answer is "the new flexible stuff." On the upside you can't mistake the hot from the cold as one is white and one is red. I was just learning how to deal with the copper, not having plumbed much in my life, so now I have to look into this new stuff. I imagine it has a better insulation value then copper for the hot and cold, and I will suspect less condensation issues (as a direct result of the insulation.

I wonder what they will do with the exterior faucets?

There are lights

Always funny, XKCD is the master of graph jokes. My personal favourite is "There are lights" which is obviously a reference to probably one of Patrick Stewart's finest episodes of Star Trek, and an all around top ten episode in its own right.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Roof Roofed

So here are some pictures of the house on Thursday, its probably the last exterior changes for a few weeks as they need to do all the electrical, and plumbing before they do the bricks and siding.

Inside the house, they have also installed our stairs, I am pretty confident those are our actual hardwood stairs, but they are covered in plastic, paper, and planks of wood to keep them safe.

This is our TV room with the sun pouring in at night. With the windows in and the roof on the rooms are starting to gain definition.

The site is muddy.... very very muddy.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Roof Sheeting and Doors

Work started up again on March 3, did some sheeting over the porch, and build up the framing for pouring the front patio.

They've also delivered some doors and windows.

I'm expecting a lot of changes today, it looked like they stared work again, and this stuff moves in waves, once they start something it finishes fast, so we will see.

Framing Feb 24 - Raise the Roof

Sorry, I did take pictures, but it is usually the next days pictures that push me to put up the last set, and the house didn't move for over a week.

So here is the last set of pictures I took, the roof went up in a day, just boom!