Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Girls escape at the Doctor's

Evie is 9 months, and 21 lb 4 oz, I forgot how tall, and 17.5 " head
circumference. She's about 85th %ile across the board.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's like Habitrail, but for people

Bryan LOVED the ... Thing. It's for going up and down, or so I hear.

Crikey! There's crocodiles!

Checked out the newest neighborhood park, which is also attached to
the existing Coates Park. Fun for all!

Monday, September 26, 2011

First Tooth + First Word

Well fang has her first tooth finally, and her first word, which
we've heard before we just heard a lot yesterday afternoon, evening
and all night long, it kind if goes like this "whhhhaaaaaaa"

Still here is a picture of her from get darling morning happy period:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Framing Complete, well almost...

I came so close to finishing the framing this weekend, but failed on account of one inch.  So I now have a door frame stuck in the bathroom, but I also have a reciprocating saw, so problem solved (Malcolm solves his problems with a chainsaw... and he never has the same problem twice.)

Bathroom Interior wall, theoretical shower side

Theoretical sink side

Place a door should go, HRV feeds for the cold air return patiently waiting to thread through the door header.

Place the door is stuck in stead...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

Framing nearing completion

Friday, and Sunday I got a lot done on the basement with the help of a lot of support staff with the kids.  There is a real press on now to get the framing done, and then wiring before the cold comes, given I have no insulation. 

As we frame we are finalizing the design, this weekend saw the removal of all the kneed walls, and the addition of an art niche, and some idea generation for lighting.  So we shall see what comes when we are done.

So here are some of the frames installed and started

Start of the wall to the utility room

45 Degree Frame
Utility room wall coming together.
Bathroom Area

I don't have any great pictures of the art niche, in part because it is only roughed in, we have to set the height and depth still.  More updates as they happen, Erin, as time allows is going to get the electrical started.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Friday's Work

Two more frames in, one of them is secured to the steel beam, what can
I say, I like gunpowder fasteners.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

More Progress, a little slower

Finished the long wall

Little tricky around the end where the cabinets will go.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Before I nailed my hand...

Finished and secured the long window wall, these frames were cut by Erin
You can see the sump pump box, aka 'future art niche'

 Erin assembled these frames while I levelled and installed them, until I nailed my finger.

Hang Nail

So there I was with the framing nailer just merrily nailing away, when on the hop on the recoil caused a second nail to get fired over the edge of the frame and through my finger.

I will spare the boring emerg story, and go right to the X-Rays

Can't recall if I posted this yet

Basement framing progressing

These frames are all secured to the concrete, and to the walls.
Basically that whole side of the basement, except the sump pump is

Saturday, September 10, 2011

First frames

They aren't installed just assembled, but here are the first frames
including the roughed in door.

Cleared out the insulation

It was something I didn't want to do, but it is done. Sixteen bag
(BIIIIIG bags) later. I've stripped the walls of all the insulation,
it was sweaty and gross in my track suit and mask, but a million times
better the fiberglass irritating my arms and lungs. The number of bags
really shocked me, but it's just so damn puffy.

I've now given myself a timeline, I need to get the walls framed wired
and insulated before he cold sets in, so a busy week ahead.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Framing Started (slowly)

I moved a boat load of lumber today, about 116 2x4's, and so framing started a little slowly.  I also was forced to make some frustrating decisions that sent me back to Home Despot twice.  The first is that all the 80" doors are two tall, and the second is that I need to replace the insulation to preserve space and make it easier to work.

You can see here in the attached image how the existing insulation has the door frame askew, so tomorrow it has to come out, and then get the pink insulation ripped out.  So gloves, masks and long sleeves.  I hate working with insulation, but it is the right thing to do.


Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Subfloor Day 2 - Now for the hard stuff

Finished the subfloor today, lot of sweat and gunpowder was required and some funny cutting.  Still, two days of actual work seems pretty good.  Anyways the pictures tell the real story, and I will start framing Friday.

Day 2 Prep, move everything from one side, back to the other.
More furniture dancing
First row going down, lots of posts
Bathroom done
A tricky, tricky cut
Last board
Subfloor complete, achievement unlocked.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Subfloor Day One, Last Update

Finished up the area which I had cleared, I do need to go over it one last time with some fasteners, but the big work is done.  In total I sub-floored 336 sq. feet in one day, which I don't think is to bad for an amateur.

Tomorrow I will finish the fasteners, and then I'm going on a tool run to Bardon Depot (TM) to pick up some loaner tools.  I'm trying to convince Trevor to come by and help, because in his own words, "the only time I get to use my Dad's tools is at your house."

Other lessons learned... need knee pads, the plastic barrier starts to dig in after a while.

Notable Watermelon Eating Techinques

"Reverse Polish Notation"

"The Dislocating Jaw", also know as "The Snake".

As always the, "OM NOM NOM NOM"

Subfloor Day 1 - Rapid Progress

Got the first two rows of paneling done in no time flat.  Will finish the third tonight.

Tuck tape holding the panels that are done so they don't shift until the 3rd row comes in.

Funny cut out for the corner

Crawford Lake

Went for a fall constitutional up to Crawford Lake, Bryan marched us at warp speed around the whole lake, then putt putt putted the last hill up.  It was fun, and the weather was perfectly fall.

Intrepid forest explorer

And her trusty steed

We saw a lot of this

And sometimes he would stop and tell us to hurry

I encouraged Bryan to be a tree

Subfloor Construction Day 1

Got the subfloor rolling today, literally as it comes off the roll pretty fast.  Following that I got the first sheet of plywood down, had a little bit of trouble getting the Ramset tool working properly.  After that I got the second full roll going.  I had Bryan help me get it smooth, and then I set about trimming it to fit around the odd bits of foundation and pipe.  That wasn't so bad, its worst character is actually kneeling on it hurts, but it is tough and durable seeming, but cuts when and where I want it to.  I will lay down a little more plywood before the day is through.
Like I said, just rolls out.

Tools of the trade

First sheet of OSB went down okay, I secured it (so far) with three fasteners.  The first one when shallow, the second went to the right depth and the third when through.

Unionized Labour laying down on the job.

Barrier cuts easy for the hard areas.