Sunday, December 22, 2013

Beautiful destruction

Trees coming down all over Galton and the GTA, power out as well, but our backyard is a crystalline garden.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Correlation is the New Causation

Correlation is the new causation or so the internet seems to be jibing people about that, two great links that hit the same heart beat, one a little more tongue and cheek and the other trying to make a point.

The first, SMBC from this weekend:

The second being an infographic or comic on the "evil's" of comic books:

There is something on the third page about a book called Captain Underpants being banned in 10/25 school libraries, which absolutely shocked me, as it both innocuous and a great early reader. Using pictures to help prompt the student to read from context. Anyways I can happily say that our local school provides a vast variety of books including a limited selection of current comics. I suppose I have a bias towards comics, but I think as Harry Potter demonstrated, anything that can help children realize that reading is good is well good. (Never mind all that witch craft hooey.)

Alright, I'm sure I made some logical fallacies in there weakening my position on the subject, but the internet agrees with me so neener-neener-neener.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Twas the Night Before the Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart

Well folks, it is just a few hours to go before the Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart, and I just wanted to chime in with a last post.  Thanks to a generous donation from my parents, who have had more cause than most this year to support the Heart and Stroke Foundation, I have passed my goal of $1000.00 this year.  Thanks for one of my long time supporters, it is $1000.42 to be exact.  So a HUGE thanks to all my amazing donors!

Erin is still down below her goal, I think many of you know we have been a touch busy for all of May, so it has spared you a lot of fundraising spam.  All things being said, she is doing amazing, and I know it has all come in the last week for sure.  Still we would love to have you guys push her over the top.  So here is Erin's Donor Link.  You can also track her progress with this handy badge!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Please join me in supporting the Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart

Hey Folks, this is my annual, and one time, email asking for you my peers and friends help in supporting the Heart and Stoke Foundation, as those who have received this email in past years may recall, this is an organization that means a great deal to me and my family.  Heart Disease is a pernicious thing, often striking suddenly, altering the shape of its victims lives, those who manage to survive that first unexpected heart attack.  For our family that became all to true when my father found himself in the emergency ward this November.  It was only through the technologies and techniques that have been developed with the aid of research supported by the Heart and Stroke foundation that my father is still with us, and starting to return to a more normal life.  This is not the first time we have been touched by this, only the most recent example.  Too many of my friends have parents going through this same process, and I know my grandfather is only with us today through the technological marvel that is his pacemaker.

In past years I've extolled the virtue of Heart and Stroke Foundation, for not only its active role in research to save lives, but its strong educational message aimed at preventing the need for these measures.  Through their Spark program targeting childhood obesity, or their efforts to work with retailers, manufactures and restaurants to surface heart healthy foods.  If you would like to read more about what the Heart and Stroke Foundation does, you can learn that here, or if you want more information on the Ride for Heart go here.  
This year, for a twist, and to make you feel I'm really working to earn your support, it won't be just myself and Erin riding, but our whole family.  What that entails is my wife cruising about at full speed, while I drag 70 lbs of kid/trailer over 25 km up and down the DVP. 
I hope I can count on your support in this, you can donate by clicking this handy link, I've set a modest goal of $1,000 dollars, but I hope we can blow past that like we've done in previous years.
Thank you all for you time and support.

Friday, April 05, 2013

Waiting game

Well b's out of surgery and in recovery, lots of moving between
waiting rooms,we are on waiting room four.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Midwinter Splash

As Ontario watches the mercury plunge I'm reminded of a few weeks ago
the strange and unseasonable weather that led to bike riding and
puddle jumping.

I have a video, but the camera was held in portrait so everything got
cropped in landscape.

The Girls