Sunday, June 06, 2004

"My Mom says I'm Cool"

Well, I have at least one reader, and that's my mom, and she likes what I write, and since I know she is going to read this too, that's okay. It just reminded me of some movie, or maybe it was a Simpson's episode, where some character said "My Mom says I'm cool!" Which is almost, for a kid, making the exact opposite statement. I think, for other less subjective^2 things that a mother is a perfectly acceptable provider of critic, even if slightly biased, but I will take what I can get until this place picks up a little. For a quick side note subjective^2, ^2 indicating squared, or power of 2 for non math/computer notation geeks, means, at least in my make believe land, quality or value of a subjective nature, that is subjectively applied. Like coolness, it means different things to different people, is valued differently by different people, and is definitely doled out at what might appear to an outside observer in a completely random way. What might be cool one day is anti-cool the next, unless you are of some level of coolness, and then your are retro cool, what the bear!

Anyways, in light of my recent praise, I believe I am going to try something, something I actually recommended to someone else. I am going to write a story. Sort of, one post at a time I am going to look into the lives of some characters, at first it is going to be really really bad, and then we will see what emerges from the my literary primordial soup and transforms into something real. I will try and keep things some what in order, as order appears probably by prefixing the post title with some sort of grouping name like "Fantasy:" or "Bob's Life:" or whatever else I want to call that thread. So join me on this ride, and lets see what happens.

By the way, this idea came after I had a fight with my younger brother Alex. The same Alex I posted about earlier. I had a disagreement with him about the way we both perceive how one should act in regards to the requests made upon them. Suffice it to say, I think he is lazy, and he thinks I am a tyrant, and while I would like to be a 'cool' brother, I end up just being a jerk a lot because I hate living in his filth, and in any case we really don't communicate very well. So in a subversive way of making nice and getting him to communicate better, I set up him the blog (someone set up us the bomb get it? get it?), and encouraged him to develop is writing, because he really can write. I think I said all that before, so I'm off for tonight, and tomorrow I shall try and make my first story post.

Till then, avast ye scurvy scallywags!

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