Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Batteries dying dying dying, dead.

Stupid batteries, my gameboy has been providing a new source of entertainment with Sword of Mana, Sword of Mana is in itself pretty good, but not the topic of this rant, the rant is about battery life, sleep mode and stupidity.
First off battery life, the life on the gameboy's lithium ion battery is pretty solid, about ten hours of game time when the back light is on. I hesitate to even try and speculate the life without the backlight, but I would assume it is substantially more. Now I think my battery is showing a little bit of age and I think I only get like six to eight hours these days, but I'll manage somehow. My problem is the battery light, with its evil red glow telling you, "times up" but the truth is, "times up" is more like, "please save soon, your battery is dying and could go anytime now sir." I have noticed that from the time the light goes on to the time the screen winks out can be anywhere from ten to thirty minutes. That's a lot of time to save. Yet it still triggers that battery death reaction where you panicked search about for a save spot. That panicked look becomes a reckless search, and recklessness leads to death, and death means no saving, so its a vicious circle, one that doesn't need to happen in light of 30 minutes of battery remaining.
That brings me to the sleep function, what a great bloody function, battery running low, that's okay, put the gameboy to sleep, and then you can wake it back up when you are plugged back in, so my question is, with this awesome function, why don't more games use it!

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