Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Just sharing a good story from the interwebs, a story that isn't about anything bad or miserable, kind of refreshing actually.

Monday, April 28, 2008


The weekend may be the physical end of the week, but unlike the normal winding down of things that may occur during a workweek, my weekends are just crammed full to popping with stuff. This one was no different.

Saturday was hectic, I started early at Re-My Sport picking up my new bike. The fitting process was intense, I'm not sure what I thought the fitting would be like, but it turned into an effort of attempting to get mm precision in leg extension, drop, leg extension, and cleat alignment. There were lasers! Honestly, it could have been bs and I still would have been impressed. I have learned one important lesson this year, and that is, don't shop for Bike's in April. The overall bike shopping experience wasn't what I had hopped for, and what directed my purchasing decision was the level of personal service at Re-My. The bikes in my price range are all very similar and choice often comes down to a personal fit/comfort level. So I needed to ride some bikes, and Re-My was the only place able to make time for me to do that. It still took longer then I would have hoped, but I was given attention as a customer, and that was a decidcing factor.

Once the bike was built, fit and loaded, I headed home for a ride before the day started. I never really made it home. I got diverted on route to take some measurements for my parents deck stairs, at which point I was near to Trevor's where I had intended to pick him up, so I just said forget it to driving home first and threw my new wheels on the road. Before I knew it I was whipping past Plum Tree Park PS, and having a ball! The bike was awesome, it felt great under me, I had control, speed, stability, and SPEED! Before I knew it I had covered 10km, in about a half an hour. I even broke the speed limit (in a 40 zone...)

I wrapped up my ride at Trevor's where I surveyed with him his Dad's fence so I could get a full understanding of fence elements for my own estimates. We then headed back to Milton where we measured up my backyard and calculated out the lumber needed for the fence. As if on queue lunch arrived in the form of Pizza from Erin, who hurriedly gobbled some for her and "Morgan" before running off to continue her own busy day.

Trevor and I headed over to Rona and ordered up a pile of material bordering on excessive, and opting for delivery over take home. I'm sure I would have eaten more then 30$ in gas if I had gone back and forth the 8-10 times that would have been required. Note to self, need a friend with a van or truck, chastise friend for killing environment between hauling trips.

We then headed over to Kevin's place. Kevin had invited the "boys" from McMaster, we were down a few for medical reasons, I will spare you the gory details that I was not spared from. So it was Kevin, Brad, Rod, Trevor and I, and we just had a cool day. We played some Rock Band (turns out Kevin can sing... frightening...) went for some Go Karting, and then some drinking, followed by BBQ and Hockey Night in Canada.

It was, too say the least, a very very busy day, but good.

The rest of the weekend involved a little less frantic shopping, riding bikes, and chilling out, and as the next weekend seems closer to this one (as it has taken me days to write this post,) I will close off here.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Zomg Blogging

Yeah, just a warning, I am, and remain, a lazy blogger, so this recent burst may have to hold you for a few days at the very least.

Cheers :)

New Bike!

So after much trying, shopping, reading, and maybe less testing, I bought a new road bike. Last years biking success was so great that this year I wanted to kick it up a notch, so I got a shmancy new road bike to take to the streets with. I hit a lot of bike shops, at perhaps the busiest time of the year, but it turns out after much research many of the bikes are very similar, and you just need to find the right feel in your component/price range. To do that you just need a sales person to give an iota of a damn about you and take some time and put you on a bike. So while I have been a stanch supporter of my local store, but this time around they just were too busy to give me any sort of time, so instead I went to a different local store, ReMy Sport in Streetsville.

In the end I went with the Giant Bicycles - OCR 1 which is a great "Sport Road Bike." It road really great, and I'm looking forward to picking it up next weekend, and going zooming about.

Kitchen Disaster

We painted the kitchen this weekend, a project that has been needed for an age or two... My question, philosophically, is why do kitchens have some many edges!!! It took longer to tape then it did paint, and the painting wasn't exactly easy either...

Anyways I don't have finished shots, and honestly it is hard to capture how clean the walls look without sharing how nasty they were before, but believe me it is nicer, instead I share these images of the ruin wrought upon our house by painting.

Grandpa's 86th Birthday

Another quick post, these are pictures from the David Duncan House from last week where we celebrated grandpa's 86th. If you are wondering the colour is salmon, or perhaps mango, not pink, I was given assurances...

New Office

Well it is two weeks now in the new office, and we have really settled in. They built some more private offices enclosing some of the openness, but for guys whose job it is to be on the phone and meet with clients it makes sense. We are all getting used to the space, including the smaller shared bathroom, but really the complaints are minimal compared to the old space. I think as a company we took a great step when we moved here, it was a step up, and a maturation that helps everyone refocus and realize how great we are doing. We can't stop to rest on our laurels, but should consider the new office to be a reward for success, and a space to grow into for the future (we really are far from capacity (which is nice for a change.)

Anyways here are just some random camera snaps from move in day.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Moving out

Another image dump, here is our last day at the old office. Place is starting to look a little spartan as we are packing and moving everything.

If you look back through the blog at the first images, the place was a lot less built, that whole back section was a gutted monstrosity. It has come a long way.

The board room table has been reduced to a shadow of its former glory. The table actually got taken early to get refinished, it was in a sad state after years of the roof leaking on it.

Here was the view from my desk, I always was partial to the chainmail stair curtain, but it doesn't photo well.

Just some more picutres

When I started the photo dump I thought from the thumbnail that I (or erin) had grabbed a shot of the chair with the chair back, but I was wrong it is just the wall graphics (still unhung.) But here you go, updated shots of the nursery now including crib.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Fun Optical Glow?

Okay, this isn't a deep and thoughtful post, just a WTF

I need a new mouse for the office, so I'm cruising Staples, when I see this mouse. In its feature section I see the following:

Fun optical glow - no mouse ball

Seriously... Seriously? I don't even know, are we selling mice in the 1990's again?

I'm reminded of Radio Shack's Ad "This mouse is so big it is a rat"