Thursday, June 03, 2004

I'm a corporate shill

Well I have sold out to the man, am I ashamed, not really. Okay so
google provides my mail, and google provides the tools I use to build
my blog, and google provides me with daily news, and all my searching.
So if google does all this for me, for free, and I don't click on
their ads to often, then I am just a jerkish sponge. So here is the
deal, I put google ads on my website to assuage my guilt, so that
anyone coming here can help pay google for all their great stuff. If
I make a little on the side, I am sure it is peanuts compared to what
google makes, and everyone is happy. Google because they make money
and stay in business, me because I get to use all of Google's stuff
because they make money and stay in business, you because you get to
come to my site and click on all these topically related links. Isn't
it great :)

Purple tree monkey out!

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