Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Blog, Blog, Blog, Bloggity, Blog

Have you ever noticed, 1. I have been writing a lot more recently? 2. Blog is not in the's dictionary? Well its not, actually a lot of words are not, it's a funny dictionary, and the 'learn' button does nothing. If I were, I would call up my coworkers at (since I am pretty sure they are all one and the same,) and I would share the technology for gmail's spell checker, by far an easier tool to use! While I was at it, I would also see if I could steal the 'label' concept and implement it into blogger, imagine all your posts labelled to what categories they fell into, that way you could have pages set up to archive by label, and pages to archive by date. I think that would be boss! I wonder if they are open to feedback, because I think I am going to recommend this very thing. Oh and as for the prolific, mediocre, writing, I have started doing it on the train, so I have 1.5 hours a day dedicated to plumbing the depths of my mind.

Bloggity Blog has left the building!

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