Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hello? Hello!

We took a trip up to Science North this week, Bryan had some important phone calls to take.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

No progress

Did a quick spin by the house and all was quiet, I think the've cleared the site of debris, and maybe even began grading around the footing to lay down the gravel for drainage, but there is nothing else done yet. Our neighbours on both sides have now been poured, so certainly progress is being made. I'm still at a loss as to where the windows will go. I am suspecting they will cut away concrete to install them, just have to wait and see.

At the office, Friday night was the big day, and it went well (I've been joking better then we deserved) but seriously the team really pulled together in the final weeks, and our first big release was really good (by my unbiased objective measure.) This was our first release milestone, we have a few more to go, but that this one went so well is a good portent.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Scale is so confusing

So I have no notion of scale on these pictures, but everything seems "small" to me, yet that ladder on the left seems rather large by my known ladder size convention...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Reading list

Found this on the interwebs, and I thought I would share as it is pretty neat. (Yeah great post I know, but I liked the picture, thats all.)

This photo is posted under creative commons licence and is property of Jonathan Moreau

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Well we had our first snow of the year up here. More hail like then snow but we still went outside and taught Bryan about snowballs :)

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Christmas in October

So I got an award at RBC this summer, I was a quarterly STAR winner, which is the largest quarterly award one can get, and I was pretty darn proud about it, and with it came some gift points which I exchanged for some chapters cards. At the same time I also cached in some visa points for some futureshop cards. So here I was sitting on this pile of gift cards, when my Quarterly STAR award was upgraded to a Silver Yearly STAR award, which is really good. We have 4 tiers, Convention, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The convention winners are the top dogs, and they go with the convention winners from the other devisions of the company, and a guest of their choosing to a professional development convention, on a giant fraking cruise ship in the Caribbean in January. In spite of the boondoggle it sounds like, the non-guests, ie the RBC employee winners actually do have a mini convention, but it doesn't take up the whole trip, still tres cool, and a little jealous, but I didn't warrant myself a convention winner, hope yes, but expect no :)

So I digress, my award got bumped to a silver, and i got yet more reward points, so yeah me, and my points. So I've been on a gift card shopping spree these last few days and am now laden with books. Erin got a bunch of Octavia Butler, I also got the new Terry Brooks Landover Novel--cry and possibly last as a brilliant writers mind gets eaten away by altimeters ):

What else is in the pile, some D&D books, 2-3 seasons of TV, some movies, the new Diane Gabaldon, and the new Neil Gaimen tween novel (seriously, the grave yard book was awesome, so I'm excited for the next one.)

So for the last 2-3 days boxes have been coming in the mail every day (since chapters sent three boxes from their warehouse the same day instead of one big box ...) And for the next few weeks some more will arrive as the preorders become available.

My only sad is I really like buying the D&D books from my FLGS to support them, but free is better then paying I suppose.

Anyways thats all

Site Plan and Upgrades

Well for those who would like something to look at, here is our site plan for our new home, oooo ahhh!

Interesting, at least to me, is I have to completely rethink how I think about our home. We have the mirror inverted variant of our model, I didn't know that, and so I was visualizing it one way, and now I have to think about it another. So just weird.

Other oddities, we have an cat niche, I mean art niche above our front hall closet. Its just so strange and tall I don't know what we will put in there, other then cats, but I guess that is better then dead space?

So the rest of our house appointment was fun, and expensive, but fun. It was in some respects death by a thousand cuts, just in little electrical upgrades we racked up a ton, to make it worse, most of the electrical upgrades were adding a junction box for a light, and not the light itself, so It think we need 4 fixtures. Might be able to get away with 3, as I think we want 2 in the kitchen that match, but the existing kitchen one can go some where else, so yeah... :)

Biggest upgrade we weren't expecting, but I'm glad we chose, is the glassed in shower. Its going to look svelte!

The one I'm least happy about and we have 10 days to cancel is the basement rough in. Its just in such an aweful position it ruins the space. (well not 'RUIN OMG I WANNA DIE' ruin but I don't like it)

Otherwise we got a little side swiped by 2 upgrades we thought we were going to pick up in our second visit not our first, that being our kitchen package and stair stain. So the net price is the same, just we owed more deposit up front.

Anyways, between yesterdays excitement and the letter about the extra taxes I'm about neutral. (happy + pissed = meh)

If I compartmentalize a little better I'm really happy about the house, and really mad at Mattamy/Halton. There yeah house!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Somewhat at Random, An Appology to Alan Turing

So this is a bit of a random bit to blog, I picked up the story from TWIT, and followed it over to homepage of the British Prime Minister. The site does a better job then I will, but here is a bit of a synopsis, Alan Turing, father of computers, and British WWII hero,without whom the Alias may never have cracked Enigma or the myriad of other Nazi codes.

After the war, Turing was persecuted by the government for being gay, which was illegal in his era. In the end he was used by his government and then discard, treated monstrously, and finally committed suicide.

A grass roots movement started by programmer and author John Graham-Cumming brought to the Prime Ministers attention this long standing injustice, not just against Turing, but thousands of other gay men, including Oscar Wilde.

On the 10th the Prime Minster released a formal apology that was uncharacteristically earnest and honest from the government. I'm not usually a fan of the posthumous apology, but for a group still largely persecuted even to this day, and for Turing whom made possible so many of the technological things we use today, it is fitting.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Avast Autumn

I woke this morning to a crisp fall smell in the air (with a hint of pulled pork wafting up from the kitchen), and a day of fun ahead. Bryan was goofing with his mom as they woke me from a good nights rest (one of the few we've gotten this week.) So a happy ITLAPD day to you all, and enjoy the weather, go for a walk at the farmers market (like we did) or a hike through a park, anything just get outside.

Its a busy day between D&D, Pirates, and Bardonfest! TTYL

PS This blog post is an aberration and not an indication of more to come at any great rate :P

Monday, June 01, 2009

Bryan is on the Web

Looks like Bryan is starting to blog more then me, you can see what he is up to over at bryanpeart.com

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Scarborough Bluffs at the Dakota

So for those following the twitter stream last night, you know that I was out at watching the Scarborough Bluffs (also know as the Barenaked Ladies,) but what couldn’t be conveyed was why the experience was so awesome. As I understand BNL is in the studio right now (well not now now, I imagine they are in bed now now, but like temporally proximate to now,) putting together their next album minus one. With Stephen Page off doing his own thing now the group is trying to re-establish their identity, reassure fans, and maybe even reassure themselves that they can pull this off.

So what better way then ask a friend and small indy music club owner if you can annex his bar for a night, invite only your family and closest friends, and then play all your new music to your most supporting audience, and get probably the most honest feedback. Now there is no way on earth that I should have even heard of this concert, but Trevor, who is always introducing me to new music, happens to know the owner of the club, and Trevor got himself +1 on the bottom of that guest list for last night. He also may have let it slip to Brad that the concert was last night so he could line up before the doors open to see if he could squeak in there as well (which he did.) So BNL, 110 of their family and friends, and eight of the luckiest friends and +1’s of the bar owner (which Brad, Trevor and I included) got the most intimate BNL concert that I will likely ever have.

To put this on a scale, it was like I was sitting on my living room sofa, and they were playing in my kitchen. They played two 10 songs sets, and an encore, in there they did 16 brand new tracks, and a half a dozen classics. Between the songs they mingled with the crowed as you would a family gathering, and I’m afraid I could not drink enough liquid courage to be that crass fan that shoves himself in the face of the ban and gushed about how awesome they are. Instead I will go with my more Canadian story, as I returned from the bar, hands full with a round for our table, I had to squeeze past Tyler, and with a polite excuse me I captured his attention, to which he politely with nodding deference to the hand full of beers stepped out of the way.

The “new sound” is reassuringly like the “old sound” they lacked the polished perfection of a studio album that I’m sure will prove that these guys still have it. Still the honest sound, with flubs, and in-between self deprecating banter is what makes these guys quintessentially Canadian. I’m really excited to get a hold of the album whenever it is ready, but I think my own apprehension, as a fan, has finally been relieved, these are guys who still make music I find compelling.

Well I don’t have any more to say now, but I am tired, I don’t think I got in until 2:30 AM last night, but it was worthwhile, I will post what sketchy pictures from my cell phone I can tonight, and I will see if Brad will share his pictures from his significantly less sketchy camera.

Monday, May 04, 2009

2009 Heart and Stroke Ride For Heart

Hey folks that Bryan picture was just a teaser. I'm far far behind in my fund raising efforts, but work has been an absolute zoo, so here starts the 2009 Heart and Stroke Ride for Heart Fund Raising Kickoff! So please, before I get all begging and pathetic, please donate to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

This year both Erin and I will be riding. Bryan, probably won't be, but just because I think 2-3 hours being dragged isn't up his ally (yet, next year though.)

Erin will be riding the 50, and had her first big ride this weekend, not sure if she can walk yet, but she mastered 26 with aplomb. I will be doing the 75 because I said I would, and foolishness before pride any day :)

It also looks like Erin and I will be riding in good company, with Emma, and Chris Bardon, and Brad and Jodi.

More posts, and emails will follow, you have been warned :)


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March Pictures

Just updating with some March Pictures, I also added about 30 to the February gallery down below.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just when things were looking up around here...

Well I know it looked like, for a brief shinning moment that I might start blogging again, but I'm afraid the development bug has me firmly in its grip and I am back to train coding. Sorry, but this project has me and isn't letting go anytime soon.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Available For Sale

So my app is now available for sale within the iTunes App Store, Huzzah!

I think that this link will work :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Darwin's 200th Birthday

So tomorrow is Darwin Day, which is a celebration of Darwin's Birth, but actually the 200th such day since his birth. Given that he is in no fit state to enjoy cake or candles, some folks decided to organize events to look at his work, and the state of life sciences. There are events all around Toronto, Mississauga, Guelph and Hamilton featuring films, speakers, booze bashes, you name it and someone has it planned. I encourage people with a free evening to check out the full listing for local events (the search doesn't seem to work in Canada.)

This space intentionally left blank

Ran late liaat night, and forgot to set the alarm, so I am late and tires so no post of worth.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Done, finally, or is it just a begining?

So last night Apple finished processing my contract, and its robots accepted my application for review. I'm about 3 months late, but my app is done. By done, I don't mean that it is finished, but that the first full commercial ready release has been made. My hope is that I will begin to garner some success, and then follow up with more and better releases. All done in my two hour train rides to and from my real work.

Its been a heck of a ride, especially the last few months where real work has been sucking all the room out of my schedule leaving me fewer and fewer hours to work on my app, and the attention my app needed was more then just the one hour intervals could provide. Fixing a defect can take hours of analysis, especially when they are broken up over 5 days. The few last minute problems were all paper work, and graphical, my icon fought me for days, and required external help from Alex before I beat it in to shape. I don't like the final look of the icon, but dammit I decided release the damn app and fix the icon in a future release. Here it is in its fully res glory, and I won't shame myself here with the cruddite version embedded in my app:

For those who haven't seen it, here is a peak into my app:

What the heck is this? Well for those who are D&D 3.5 players out their, this is a spellbook of all the freely available d20 SRD spells. Its a life saver at the game table where I can look things up quickly with out digging through a book. There are a lot of features I intend to add (hides future features from prying eyes of competition) but those will come later.

In the mean time, I plan to sit back for a few weeks, knit a pair of socks (cast them on this morning,) get http://www.rpgtouch.com up and running, and do a whole heck of a lot of work-work in my spare time ):

Probably going to blog a bit more as well, but as always I won't make any promises.

Anyways trains in the stations ttyl.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Just touching base

Hey all, just touching base, nothing really exciting, but I felt I should post something. The house was certainly a spike in excitement, but now we can hurry up and wait. We are really excited, but essentially our hands are tied until Mattamy calls us up and tells us its time to start picking stuff. We tried going out to the design center but the cabinet choices aren't available yet, the price lists aren't available yet, and basically they aren't interested in seeing us for a few months. So hurry up and wait...

Around the house we have, we have started looking around and saying "Okay, what do we have to do to sell this place?" And more importantly is it something we can do sooner and enjoy for the 15 months we have left, or should we wait until the last minute. I think the truth is we need to wait until it gets warm enough to throw the windows open, as we have a lot of drywall repair and paint fumes in our future.

We had a family bout of cold/flu last week and we are all recovered, or at least 90%, but it has made this week tough, and last week worse. Mother nature hasn't really helped with heaps of snow and bad train service. Seriously Monday I was almost 2 hours late after what I can deduce as Go Transit literally greasing/icing their own tracks... Thankfullly Mom was able to pick me up from Meadowvale and get me home or I would have been later still.

I've managed to finish all the paperwork with all the various governments to establish myself as someone who may sell apps on the Apple App store, but now I need to get my act in gear and finish my app. It is also at about 90% but that last 10% is killing me. I know there is a memory leak issue, otherwise the functionality is done. I'm on the cusp of releasing a bad app and fixing it once I get customer bug reports, but I feel the heel for doing it. So I will work for 95% and leave customers with only the last 5. I'm motivated to get it done, because the more apps I can sell, the more upgrades I can get in my new place. If it is successful I have a few ideas percolating that I think will do well, and appeal to a broader customer base.

Anyways that is the news, g

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ooops, we did it again

Hey all, this is the first real post in a looooooooong time, just writing to share our exciting news. Erin and I put a deposit on a new home last night! We are super excited, and as of this afternoon the builder has signed the agreement and we are officially on the path to new-new home ownership.

The fast and easy questions: Where are you moving?

Down the street... but specifically here is a google map that pretty much shows where the new house will be (as it doesn't exist I can't be exact.)

View Larger Map

So yes, we are staying in Milton, and staying with the same builder (Mattamy Homes.)

How big is it?

2301 sq-ft (I like the 01, it sound precise.)


Um, 4 bed, 2.5 bath, 1.75 car garage (not full sized, also known as 1+stuff car garage.)

We have an awesome lot with a park behind our house, which really was one of our criteria, we also negotiated a better price (semantically) on the home, which we feel reflects these troubled times

Here is the artists elevation drawing (why do they call them that?)

And the floor plan: (this is showing the 3 bedroom option, we took the four.)

So officially/unofficial we will be hosting Bryan's (to be last name agnostic) Family Christmas 2010.

Assuming it is done in May 2010 on schedule :)

Anyways that is the news, I plan to track excitement here as per the last home, and expect regular Bryan pictures galleries to flow to this location. For those who are still reading, the picture of Loki + Murlock is a clickable link out to a gallery that include Bryan + Murlock images as well.