Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mac Blogging 101

Well Ladies and gentleman, I am officially online with my brand new MacBook Pro today. I suppose officially it isn't BRAND NEW, I opted for the refurbished product, but I don't say that to loudly around the MacBook, I don't want it to feel bad. Seriously, I've been giddy since friday when I put the order in, but much of that giddiness was defused into our trip to Ottawa, which was a worth while distraction. In fact I may have some more images around here once I get myself completely switched.

So for all the fun details of what I have here, well its a MacBook Pro to start, its running an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.33 GHz. 2 GB of the ol'memory. Enough spinning media to make my media collection spin (I think that means I have 160 GB, it may only be 120 GB, boo hoo, still more then I have else where. The crowning glory of these machine is its monitor, 17 beautiful widescreen inches of glossy LCD wonder. I think it was actually poured from molten lustrium, a liquid known for both its luster, and ium...

Anyways, long times window user, recent Mac adocate, and new Macolite of the cult of Steve. (Which I note Steve in Zapfino looks particularly swank, I wonder who did that little flourish.) Sadly I am only composing in Zapfino, not posting, as only the Mac users could see its silliness.

Well thats the big news, its quiet at the house as we get ready for the coming party, I must remind all of the surprise guest who will be attending, but I can say no more. It is nice having the cats home, I suspect kids must be something similar with there seemingly frustrating and disruptive behavior being missed when not present. Loki is of course his usual bad self, and Aslan was a pretty sucky (in that positive way.)

Anyways thats the update. Next post will either be Ottawa posts, or something about global warming.

Apple Rising

Well she's here, and she's a beauty, of course I'm trapped at work, with no software, but aside from that she is here and a beauty :)

More later, for now I think I will just do some work and drool on her 17" Glossy Wonder

Monday, February 12, 2007


Well we are back from Winterlude, and we are tired! I have some pictures here, and I had better post at least some of them before this week takes off, so here is Eri and I in the Ice Sculpture exhibit.

Erin 'triumphant' at the end of the canal

The design of our new library

Jerry being attacked by Maman, the spider tribute to the artists mother...

More later


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Lazy Blogging

Hey all, I'm just the laziest blogger lately. I can't really give you a good reason, so I won't.

Recently did some skiing, and basement work (its really almost done, just quarter round, and touch up painting :)

Heading up to Ottawa this weekend for Winterlude. I can't wait, going to see ice and ice related activities. Skate the canal, see the mint (I suppose thats always fun for either those who like to hold gold, or numismatist.) Speaking of numismatists, the Mint announced or at least confirmed that they are considering making a $1 000 000 dollar coin!

So pictures of Ottawa to come, and maybe some blogging as I turn to the dark side, or at least the shinny happy apple side! The lappy hasn't been ordered yet, but I have made the commitment to go Apple, and am just saving my clams up until I have enough. While I think John Hodgman personifies a PC in actually a flattering light, I must trade my suits and pocket protectors for the sexy sleek anodized aluminum, and feline grace of the OS X. I blame Loki, and Steve Jobs (For Erin: Jooorrrrrrrbbbbbbbbsssss.)

Anyways for those asking, I'm telling, love the new job! Look forward to work in the morning! But don't worry, I'm not a workaholic yet, I still look forward to Friday's with zeal :)

better blogging through effort coming soon