Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Debate or blood bath or Tastier Canada?

Wow, I'm watching the Canadian Leadership Debate, and now I know why the liberal colour is red, because they are bleeding out there. I suppose it is tradition that a seated party should draw the most targets as their opposition tries to unseat them. I'm in agreement with my parents on this one, and that is, I feel Paul Martin has a passion, and a vision, and can make a difference, but he has to untangle himself from the scandals of the past and push forward. I'm afraid his attack campaign has worked against him, and with 11 years of liberal government behind us, just sheer will for a change might be enough to boot the Liberals, and I think its a real shame. Layton (beside from looking weird...) is just unrealistic, and while I sometimes find myself on side with the NDP, I turn around and watch unions destroying industry. Remember people a union should never have the right to penalize you for working harder, or protect you for being a lazy waste of air. I still feel union's have a place in this world, but working and legal conditions have changed, and union's haven't, its time to grow up! Harper, well, I'm not sure he is that scary, but I think the extreme right of his party is going to make us Mini-America and bleed our individuality dry in the process. Duceppe, I just can't be pro-separatist, although he seems to have a fairly good left of centre policy, ironically he makes a pretty good opposing when he is not trying to divide the country. I think most telling in this election is the undercurrent of conservative defection, these are hard-line traditional PC candidates jumping ship to the Liberals? Gah, this is just unnerving and after watching the debate I'm just all the more disgusted at the childishness of the other leaders. So who am I going to vote for? Well I think you would guess Liberal, and at any other time in my life I would agree, but right now, I think I will vote for Carb Option's party, because they at least are promising a tastier Canada.

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