Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Name is Inigo Montoya, you Killed my Father, Prepare to Die

Sorry I couldn't help myself, but it seems like the 6 fingered man is up to some trouble again...

Monday, December 10, 2007

What a weekend

Hey all, we had one busy busy weekend, I'm glad we did everything we did, but I think Erin and I are pooped right out :)

I'm just reposting here the full scan of the ultra sound, same as the one on Friday, just less flash related glare.

We did just about everything you can imagine, seeing friends, family, office party, shopping, cleaning, playing games, knitting, just the works. Friday's Fighting Bears, AKA The Golden Compass, was pretty kicking. A little more adult then PG should allow, but I'm mature enough to see two bears kick the ever living daylights out of each other.

More later


Friday, December 07, 2007


*note the babies name is not Morgan, we just prefer calling Morgan morgan instead of... it.

Please note I will replace this image with a scan once I get one, but I don't have a scanner handy.

Also we are a little disappointed, or perhaps just let down by expectations, this was supposed to be the integrated prenatal test, where they do all the prescreening and risk checking, and maybe let you know gender, and all sorts of good stuff to give you that reassuring pat on the back that everything is fine. But we aren't at 12 weeks, we are at about 9... so all that careful note taking and we were still wrong, crazy old nature. So there is nothing wrong, or bad, but it just means when we told everyone and they said we are telling to early, well it was EXTRA early.

So we will keep everyone posted, but there won't be significant news until after the new year.

This does mean of course that Morgan will be working a birthday in around the end of June beginning of July, so Colin, Mom, and Alex, you may need to share your cake a forth way :P

Hey maybe we can hit Canada Day, that would be cool :P

Alright folks thats all for now, by the by, I am posting this, so pretty much the gloves are off, everyone who we needed to have caution in telling now knows, so consider (if it you weren't already) that Erin being pregnant is public knowledge.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

This is Why I Bought Tickets

Just for reference I stole this from the good folks over at

Bread Lands Butter Side Up, Physicists Mystified!

As I sit on the train attempting to best Co-optimus Prime's outstanding high score on BrickBreaker for the BlackBerry I am overcome by a strange smell. It is a sweet smell, with acrid notes as well, and it is terribly familiar. Pausing my brick smashing with what would be the first of many disastrous ball losses, I breathed the oder deep into my olfactory thingamajig. I am certain I know not only that smell, but not just its general class, but it specific source.

The smell was from a particularly sweet, and acrid, cup of coffee. A coffee that ruined a particular good streak of coffee from the King Liberty Star Shmucks (Star Bucks that is.). That cup was so vividly remembered to me by the very fact I found too unpalatable to finish (a rare feat considering I first flirted with coffee by heaping an ungodly pile of freeze dried instant swill into a cup of boiled (not boiling water) in the basement of Eden United Church where I volunteered in grade, grade, grade? Grade school. :) )

Okay, so I can smell bad coffee, who cares? Well it is true coffee is a common enough smell, and it is not rare for that smell to cling to garment, especially when spilled in epic proportions. What the fates, or coffee forces, or what not, failed to properly account for was the colour of my shirt.

You see, much like bread physics, their is an esoteric area of study focused on coffee spillage. It is a "Scientific Fact"(tm) that large irregular form coffee spills always occur on white, or slightly off white garments. This "Scientific Fact"(tm) has been 'proved' through repeated experiments, if you don't believe me let me refer you to journal published scientist Erin Westman.

So you see, Coffee Spill implies that I was wearing a white (or off white) shirt (or pant today) and yet contrary to all these "Science Fact"(tm)s I am wearing A Black Shirt! (And jeans!) Logical fallacies aside, I think someone should check the thermostat in hell, and the winged status of pigs, just to be on the safe side, before anything more catastrophic occurs.

Okay, so that was corny, but I haven't had a lot of time to write of late, someone (and you don't know who you are) has a Christmas present coming that is consuming my time. So more writing soon, I just want to get my project wrapped up, before you know... Christmas...