Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Minority Government

Well P.M. is still the PM, but other then that everything else has changed. No longer will the Liberals control the house, instead they will have to fight for every inch, and compromise with the other factions. Honestly, I think this is great! I know I have said that I stand behind Paul, that statement is true, but I think in this case, that with the Liberals having a clear minority, it allows them to lead a mandate down the middle of socialist, ecenomic and ecological change. With the checks and balances added by the other stake holders Mr. Martin will have his hands full, and maybe the government will collapse in 12-24 months, but the exciting chance for change in that time can't be ignored. Money for defense, cuts to bloated federal departments, health care, and maybe some excitement in the land of civil liberties, who knows, anything and everything might happen. So common kiddies hold on your seats (for those incumbents who were lucky enough,) and lets see where this country is going.

As an aside, for you worthless shits who didn't vote, yeah you know who you are you 40%, if I catch you bitching about anything that happens between now and your next opportunity to vote, I am going to tell you to stuff it. You had your chance to vote, and only that vote give you the right to my attention. You could have spoiled your ballot, or did a protest vote, or officially abstained, but doing nothing was not an option. You should have gone down to your polling station and made your mark where ever that may be, but for not doing that, you have dropped to the lowest level of my regard, I value the opinion of a Marxist over you, because at least he had the courage to voice his opinion. So between now and then even if the they pass a law to double taxes to all the people who didn't vote I don't want to hear a word out of you, because you don't have a say, you forfeited that privilege!

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