Wednesday, June 30, 2004

My Weekend Plans

Mmmmmmmm, 5 day weekend, what to do what to do? Well I think I will start with a little web slinging action from Sam Rami's Spiderman 2, I wonder if Ivan Rami, and Stan Lee have there requisite cameos? Then a good nights sleep and its Canada Day! So I shall celebrate my Canadian pride with some sleeping in, reading, and video games, followed by a 3 hour drive to the cottage. Sweet sweet cottage, well its been a family dream to own a cottage for years, Erin's (for those who just tuned in Erin is my fiancé) parents own a beautiful cottage on Georgian Bay, just about 20-30 minutes past Perry Sound. The cottage is a 3 story A-Frame that stands at the mouth of a small bay, at the bottom of a big bay on Georgian bay. Actually there may or may not be one additional level of bay in between, but the last two bays in the bay hierarchy are Dent Bay and Carling bay (I think.) All these bays aside, the cottage is nice and high with a beautiful view of the bay(s,) and no neighbours crammed up your nose, there are neighbours, just not too close. So I will fritter away Friday and Saturday in cottage style, with lots of sleep, great food, swimming sun and a few light chores. I think I am on task to change the 15 smoke detectors around the place. Just for good measure I think I will add in some video game playing to my task list, I don't want to miss anything important. So if you suckers are reading this, then I hope where ever you are connected to the internet is as nice as mine, and that hopefully your weekend is as good as mine.

Georgian Geoff of the Bays

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