Thursday, November 24, 2005


Its snowing! Hip Hip Hooray! For once I think I am happy about snow, since this year, Erin and I are taking up Skiing.

But first things first, time to buy our first Snow Shovel :) We are also going to buy some paint and do up the powder room.

More meaningful posts to follow.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Erin's Last pumpking (yup she carved 4! :)

She actually did this as one of her first, but it worked out great. Had a near disaster as it started to dry out, but we found out you can rehydrate a pumpkin, who knew? (Clearly pumpkin masters!)

Demon Escape

This is my second pumpkin, it worked out great, I'm really proud of that one!

Scary Face 2

Erin's again, just a great angle/photo.

Here Kitty Kitty

This was an experimental pumpkin idea, it was really hard to photograph in the dark, so here it is in the light. I think it worked out well, I'm not sure Erin was super happy with it.

The Count 2

Just another shot, maybe a tiny bit better.

The Count

This one is mine, worked out pretty good for my first "hard pumpkin" can't get the camera to work well in the dark.

Erin's Awsome Scaryface

This is a oldie, but a favorite, Erin add a few 'mods' to pimp this pumpkin out. Definitly scary!