Thursday, December 23, 2010

More Evie

Ho Hum, entertain me more, leap about, caper

Earth today, Asgard tomorrow

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Day 0 Pictures

Pssst, Pssst, Evelyn, Wanna play?

Hey sleepy head

Like daughter, like father

We are pleased to introduce our new daughter

Evelyn Freyja Ann Peart

Evelyn joined us today (December 22, 2010) at 03:55, she was 8 lb 4oz.

I know I've left many off this list, so please feel free to share, and
thank you all for your support and well wishes, and have a merry
Christmas, and a happy new year.

Geoffrey, Erin, Bryan, and Evelyn
Geoffrey Cameron Peart <>

Get the latest RPG Touch Application for your iPhone from the iTunes App Store

McMaster Engineering '03 Software Engineering


Geoffrey Cameron Peart <>

Get the latest RPG Touch Application for your iPhone from the iTunes App Store

McMaster Engineering '03 Software Engineering


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blood on the Snow

Okay Okay, macabre title that will probably have me sent to the looney bin, but the following is in the tradition of Calvin and Hobb's which has always had a certain gothic affectation towards snow people anyway.

Friday, December 10, 2010

And the stockings were hung by the chimney railing with care

-Janet made the stockings, Erin did the stitching, and Bryan did the hanging, so really I'm just a slacker.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Rawr, RAWR!

Bryan, Rex and I ran around and around grandma's house in circles this
Saturday, this image was snapped on one of the many-many laps.


I meant to post this a while ago, it was early in the fall and we were
getting our two apple trees home. It was an ... interesting drive to
say the least, longest 10 km ever. It's a good thing I found this
because I am rather pissed off at the car today. I took it in for oil
and tire change, even had a coupon. By the time i was done the 80
dollars worth of work was magically 800, breaks, alignment, filters,
usual car crap. I was underwhelmed by my check out experience, but
the first kicker was the lack of apparent change on the before and
after report for the alignment, please don't lie to customers about
work needing to be done, but the real kicker the real f-u moment was
when I got home, went to take the all seasons out of the trunk and
found the snows still in the trunk, grrrrrrrrrr. Milton Hyundai is
officially not touching that car again.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Bryanzilla and the Bowl Full of Candy

Stars whose names were excluded from the Credits include:
Zach as screaming villager 1


Cautiously optimistic

Baying at the moon




Monday, November 01, 2010

Pumpkins 2010

Bryan's Pumpkin

Erin's first crack at a synth pumpkin

My pumpkin

Erin's Pumpkins, three amigos as it were.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going to Miss That Ditch Witch

Well Bryan will be sad to see the construction equipment go, but I think those tears will be short lived as his park opens up.  They have been working a feverish pace, and they look like they are on schedule for Saturday completion.

Trail and Shubbery

Park and Community "Christmas" Tree

Monday, September 06, 2010


Some where in there we also managed to have a dinner party with friends, which was great!

House Jobs Hero

In the spirit of console games with their plastic instruments, if their were a game dedicated to getting stuff done around the house, then what ever its oversized plastic implements are, and what ever gesture is required to enter into the mode when the screen lights on fire, then I more then definitely wielded said plastic implement with expert proficiency, and gestured appropriately to enter the bonus mode.

So this weekend we made this list, it kind of looked like this, I say kind of because it started with a markedly fewer number of check marks, and it also fails to capture coherently the interdependency of the tasks, but here it is in some state that it was in this weekend:
Enjoy (while squinting) its authentic spiral bound fashions.
By the time we finished you could add a task or two to that list, and the only left incomplete were the last two the required stores to be open.

So the first one on the list, that due to curing, took the longest was painting Evie's room (still trying to figure how I like spelling that.  Evie, aka, Evelyn, aka the baby we are expecting, and that will be here name, not some secret code name. )  I will spare the details about how much the paint cost, but... well... I'm glad one gallon was enough...

So on top of painting, we also hung the curtains Erin's mom made, so here are two pictures, and basically both of them demonstrate that it is impossible to accurately capture colour.
This one is too pinky

This one is too orange

The colour is called Easter Egg, and it is an Easter Egg Hued purple, come see it, it looks great.  When we get the chance we are going to put up some vinyl stickers of palm fronds and jungle beasts.

Other big tasks this weekend... Hanging a giant fan, this one required me to actually go find a ladder big enough to get up 13 feet, and then drag the 50 lb fan up there.  The fan was a gift from Erin's parents, it was manufactured (I say that, rather then "made" because it is solidly built fan, with a self lubricating grooved axel the raises oil up from the well to spray on to the bearing casings, it is a serious fan) back when men were real men, and the west wasn't tamed.  Okay, more like 20 years ago, and still spins silent and efficient as ever.  It is the kind of fan that when they say lifetime warranty, they mean the fan will continue to spin in the skeletal remains of your house a millennia from now.  

Observe the fan, silent and deadly in its natural habitat:

So as if that wasn't enough, Bob and I also hung the garage door opener:
You can see my ninja ladder in the background
So those were the highlights, the task list was actually rather long, and the complexity varied, but all (including B) helped.  We tackled in one weekend, like three months of jorbs, so woot!  I now have some honestly earned aches and pains, and have taken with pride a pain killer, and some milk and cookies (Bryan made them,) and now I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Home Improvements

So these only scratch the surface of the work that has been done around here in the last week or two.  I don't know what came over us, but we really have gotten a bug and got some stuff done.  So a lot of the art is out of the boxes and now on the walls not leaning against it.  The sod is going down, okay that is Mattamy not us, but we are watering, and one day mowing it.  The biggest job was the kitchen we have hung all the vertical door pulls.  I still need to do the horizontal ones, but there are less of those.  In the both cases I had to modify the jig to get the job done, and I just ran out of time.  We also (thanks to erin's mom) have curtains in the kitchen, dinning room, and master bedroom, we also have a rail hung in the living room for a set Erin's mom is working on.  So lots of little changes just making the house look done.  So a lot we I'm not  showing in this handful of pictures, I guess you will just have to visit to see the rest.

You can see where the lawn ends, the rest should come this week, but it looks good.

Not only with door pulls, clean :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Anatomical Ultrasound

Erin did the her Anatomical Ultrasound today, this is the one where they go and make sure there are 10 fingers, 10 toes and all the rest of the bits and pieces are where they belong (and they are.)

Thumb Sucking?

Monday, July 26, 2010

Art Attack

Myam brought three new cross-stitch pieces over for Bryan's room, and over whelmed by the backlog of unhung art we went art cRaZy tonight.  We only took some shots from B's room, but we've started to empty out all our boxes of art.

But here is just B's room for starters:
Taken in low light will try and get a better shot.

In context w/closet stickers

Intrepid Scientist at Work

Um... Guys... This isn't part of the protocol.