Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Seriously there has been so little snow this year that I didn't know what the stuff looked like anymore. We are now blanketed in a cool white sticky mess of it, ideal for snow balls, snow men, snow fortification, and FINALY, at long last snow blowing.

Okay so maybe it is just the Y chromosome but snowblowers are the pressure washer of the winter, and mine has been sitting all pristine and unused since its arrival this Christmas. I realize 1) the amount of snow we got, and 2) the size of my current drive way don't really warrant a snow blowing, but dammit I wanted to, and dammit I did, and it was good. :P

Our young monkey has established what snow angel's are, although his proficiency is more makes them more snow arm flanging, but we are working on it. He had a good romp in the snow until are lawn looked like a family circus cartoon, and his cheeks were red, but fun was had by all. (sorry no pictures, he was moving fast in low light they just didn't work out.)

Erin pointed out, and this will not make any sense if you don't play Bioshock, but it would be funny/creepy if the little sisters in that game pointed to a splicer trapped in ice and exclaimed in there little scary voice "look Mr Bubbles a snow angel."

As for the house, a little bit of work, they basically finished framing the last of the exterior walls, specifically the great room, which here unto now was looking more like an awesome porch you had to pass through to get upstairs:

The upstairs hall kind of cracked me up with the snow, it was a touch on the treacherous inside, I'm glad that the construction workers have taken the time to build hand rails on the temporary stairs.

Of course, my favourite piece of all the framing arrived as well, the trusses, I love trusses, no seriously, first year statics, was awesome! (I am actually being serious, statics was one of my favourite courses, for lay persons, Statics is effectively the Physics of stuff that under normal circumstances isn't moving, as well as all that free body diagram stuff.)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Views from the great room

One of the things that makes the great room so great is you can see the rest of the house from it, upstairs, front hall dining room, and back into the kitchen.

Dining Room:


Front Hall:

Alright thats all my pictures for the weekend. I wanted to get one good set of shots in bright light.

Second Floor (now with 30000' ceilings)

Here are some shots from the second floor that they pretty much framed in one day. They work fast.

View from master bedroom

Upstairs Hall

Front bedroom

Middle bedroom

Bedroom adjacent to master bedroom

Interior Shots

Dining Room

Front Entrance from the top.

Front entrance looking in.

Basement (ooo ahh)

I look at the basement and I say, D&D mini shelves over there, work bench over here, air hockey table to the left, broken phalanges splinting station on the right. Anyways, the height of the basement is pretty awesome, and I'm excited to start finishing it myself (I know I know that is like 3 years away, but I can't wait :)

The pictures are taking from the the "entrance" and the two back corners, the windows are nice sized no?

They work on Saturdays

So they did a lot of work today, which I was a bit surprised by (being Saturday) but I'm happy to see it go up, the sooner they get a roof and windows on the sooner it is sealed to the elements. So here is the exterior 360.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Framing Feb 18/19

Feb 18
On the 18th they pretty much finished the framing on the main floor. Bryan was enthused to see the a fork lift put up the steel beam in the garage.

Feb 19:
On the 19th they put up the second floor, and poured the front step, Erin got a flat tire.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Framing (title creativity? no)

Day to day

We are moving a long at a fair clip, and I expect daily or nearly daily updates, so don't bore yourself with them if you don't want. Some work on the house yesterday, not as dramatic, but hey it was virtual monday. The framing on the basement is coming together, I imagine the first floor will be on by end of day, but that is just a guess.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Framing Starts 2

Here is the full set from Saterday, if you look behind our house you will see our house....
Which is to say the model in the background of some of the pictures is the same model. Erin and I have been inside a few times, just to get a feel for the model. Some surprises, some rooms "feel bigger" and some rooms "feel smaller" then we expected.

Will just have to wait and see... (drywall changes everything as well, perspective wise.)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Framing Starts

Eeeeeeee, framing has started, I'm as giddy as well me at Lee Valley:

I will probably go back tomorrow and get some better picutres in the daylight, but its good.

More stuff piling up

These are from Thursday, Eri zoomed the house and found a number of more things have been piled high on the site

Monday, February 08, 2010

House on a Truck

Well my house "arrived" today, it may or may not have been around the construction site for a couple days, but today it arrived at well at my house?

Here you can clearly see our unit number:

Here is the whole thing:

And here are some random steel beams just for fun

We are expecting construction to start tomorrow or the next day.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Calm before the storm

The timbers gather like storm clouds on the horizon, all is still, giving lie to the flurry of activity that will commence in the coming days.

Okay, no more bad poetry... Just nothing really happening at the site, other then building materials gathering. My next door neighbours home is in full swing, they have more or less finished the first floor in under two days. If nothing happens on my lot before the weekend I might go into theirs, (shhhh don't tell.)

In other news I was back in Toronto for the first time in almost a month, but I didn't get to my desk other then to drop off my coat and pick it up. We are in all day meetings, big ones, with important people, and stern faces.

Dinner soon, then sleep.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Framing started (sort of)

So framing has started on my neighbours house, but not mine yet. I did see one steel I-Beam with my lot number on it :)

So hopefully stuff starts showing up in a day or two.