Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So that is what they are doing

Posting Hiatus

Sorry for post silence, but the machine through which all my posts become gold is some what water spotted. In light of that I'm left with only my vocabulary with which to fend off you ravenous readers, and it seems to be lacking. I will persevere, and improve, but hopefully Gabe can fix my camera before I have to.

So whats up you ask? Well basement is almost done, (how long have I been saying that...) The base boards are 90% up, but need to be filled, sanded and touched up. Walls need a little touch up to, we may have kissed them with the sofa's a little to hard. The quarter round is lazying about in the laundry room, so I need to get on that as well. Finally the doors need to be painted (as do their frames.) These are just finishing touches, I hope I can get to them this coming week/weekend but I may not, and if not they can hold till after Christmas (except the doors at least need to be hung and have knobs.)

We got some amazing sofa's and an insane price, and we are soooo happy with them. That was going to be our big '07 purchase, but not only did we spend less for the set then what one sofa might have cost, we did it in '06 :)

I can't wait to have all my friends come out and see, I think most of my family has seen it, except Chris, Colin and Jack, but they will be here shortly, and will be befitting from its completion (can't wait.) PS Guys, I promise to have the guest bedroom setup before you show up, really :)

Big news coming, I think 80% of you know it, and 10% of you can guess it, and the other 10% don't know or care. I will fill you in on the skinny soon.

Until then, or until the camera is back in action, aloha!