Monday, June 06, 2011

Serious Sittin'

Evie can sit! For longer than it rakes me to snap photos, but she does
look deep in concentration much of the time.
Also Geoff made it so you can see when it's me posting, if it was odd
before. Hopefully I'll be able to edit goofed pots now!

Piano Time, the actual photo!

Full BBQ

Camera Set To Super Skinny

Playin' Piano

Miss Evie is in touch with her musical genius today.  Both E and B have always wanted to eat the little man's face - you can see her hand on the yellow 'face' and 'hand'. I should ask B if he still wants too, or if he got over it with age!

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Renn Faire 2011

B was JUST old enough to try archery. He also loved the maze and
jousting, but then we were tired and needed to nap!