Friday, June 11, 2004

Erin Westman, Supragenius

Hi people, I would just like to take this opportunity to gush about my sweet heart, while she knows I feel this way, sometimes I just am so happy I have to share. Now I don't think she actually reads this, so I can't embarrass myself too much. So here goes, my love, Erin, is the smartest person in the world, okay so smartest person in the world may be going a tiny bit to far, but she is damn smart! This week, Thursday, to be exact, she is graduating from the University of Guelph with a Honours batchalor of Science in Microbiology and Genetics, with a minor in Philosophy. That's a lot to say, but man did she work hard for it. Now here comes the horn tooting, not only did she graduate from that really really hard sounding faculty, she is proceeding to do her Master's in the generally the same area (my fingers were sore of typing it all out. :) Add to that Master's (and maybe a PHD,) she is being super funded by NSERC (for non-Canadians that's a HUGE deal.) Also she is receiving additional funding from the University of Guelph since she is such a smarty pants. Finally the fill feather in her hat, is that she is receiving an Award for the Highest cumulative Average of a graduating student in MBG. SO there you go, my sweat heart is a super-genius. I'm just soooo proud of her, she has worked really hard to earn that, and definitely deserved it!

So to my Erin, congratulations! You did it baby, now just a few more degrees :)

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