Sunday, June 06, 2004

Misc: Terrible Storm

She lay alone in her bed, alone in her heart. The soft patter of rain on the matted straw, tormented her restless ears. Lightening flashed in the distance, sending beams of white light casting though the shutters, each flicker brought to life the shadow monsters. Those beast who haunt cluttered rooms at night, terrible beast of fang and tooth, who evaporate by light of day, leaving just clothes, and lamps, and misplaced things. With a guttural roar the beast shook the room, the shutters shivering in their frames as the lightning's boom reached for her. In fear she clutched the blankets close to her bosom, trying to gain some measure of comfort from them. No such peace could be found, for on the heels of one bolt, came the next, each one tearing the night with their discordant energy. Far off in the distance, lightening touches the top of a tree, like some divine figure smiting one who stood to proud and tall against his might. Instantly, the tree genuflect to its maker, bursting into a thousand repentant shards. Glowing, they fall to forest floor only to have their last ounce of life doused by the moist, moldering remains of last autumn's dross. The storm raged on, her mind raged for that she was without. The winds wailed through the rafters, crying out for her grief. She slept not, nor did the storm. How much? she thought must one bare. "HOW MUCH?" she queried to the empty night. In answer the storm split asunder another tree, as if to say, "all that has been taken from you, and more, it is all yours to bare." She wept, and the storm rained harder, she wailed, the winds blew harder, she raged against the failure of her life, and lightening begot her fury upon the world.
got stuck here, I know where I want to go, but can't get there, just not sure how much, or how little I want to say... well we shall see next time.

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