Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Canada (cont)

Continuing on my sojourn into Canada and Canadian culture I shall examine the beer. The beer is good, in variety and volume; if libations were a bullion currency then the Canadian standard is gold, or maybe platinum. Expert beer consumer Chris Ness has this to say, "it's the middle road, its not quite German quality, but it is better then American beer. You can also get some bad Mexican beer." Really isn't that what's important, I mean who wants to be as crazy and single minded to the devotion of beer craft as the Germans? If we were where would me find the time to have such a high nation sex average (time / year) or time to partake of the nectar of the grain? Yet we do strive for a level of quality far above that of our southern cousins, because they drink shit! So raise your bottles, cans or kegs in salute this weekend, and drink Canadian Gold.

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