Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Rod's Place

I had a chance last weekend to visit my school buddy Rod at his new house, new to him the house is one hundred years old I'm told. I must say I was surprised, first off his property backs right on to the escarpment in Grimsby Ontario making for a nice backyard. His neighbour had this cool layered thing going with a sauna or something, and Rod said he and his soon to be Wife will be following suit. The deck, the outside of the house, and the garage are awesome. They are mostly new, clean and in great repair. The inside is well laid out, but needs a lot of work; good thing Rod is a handyman, because his floors are going to take forever. Ancient painted and repainted hard wood that is rotted in places is going to be quite the challenge, but if all goes well he should have the place in great shape by the wedding, which is in November. My only negative about the whole trip is that the city planners of Grimsby aught to be taken out back and beaten with a 2x4. Who puts a billion unmarked turns in Main Street? Its freaking MAIN STREET people, the MAIN street of the town, the Street which acts as the MAIN source of traffic and reference for your city, and yet you twist it all up and don't tell people what's going on. I think you have a better chance of finding the end of the rainbow, or at least getting a box of lucky charms before you would find the end of that street. City planers, what can I say, GET A CLUE?

Road induced rage, as opposed to driver induced rage they name is Main Street.

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