Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Spinning results in, nor yarn produced.

Do you find these constant updates reminding you about the Heart&Stroke Ride for Heart a bit tedious?

Tough luck, because they are going to keep coming.

I did my Tuesday spinning class today, after last nights time in the saddle I didn't think my butt would survive, and the first 5 minutes of class were a little touch and go, but I settled into it, and got it done. Spinning, not the knitting variety, is different from cycling, as much as a tread mill is from running. You work the same muscles, but in a controlled way. In some respect it lets you concentrate less on the rocks on the road, and more on technique. I'm doing my best to compensate for my left leg, which keeps lifting a bit high tightening up my calf muscle. Just have to keep mentally shouting at my heel, "down, down, DOWN!" We're working on it...

Anyways, I'm starting to recover from my rides faster, I still want to hit 40km by end of week, so lets get'r done (especially as it looks like another wet weekend.

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