Saturday, May 31, 2008


Well we are down to it, the ride is tomorrow and donations are up to 1070. I think they will crawl a little bit higher as the last of the donations come in, but a big thanks to everyone who contributed. Now it is time for me to do my part, so tomorrow morning bright and early (around 5:30 AM) I will head down town to get my ride on.

Just to make sure I was up to it, Kevin took me out riding North of Milton for a nice ride-appetizer, about 40k, with some fierce winds for the first 20 or some, we climbed some good hills and it was good, we only mustered an average of 24 km/h, but seriously, strong head winds up hill for the first half.... It was a tough 24 km/h.

Anyways time to get some rest, my bike needs one too, as it has rolled over 400 km since I got it in early May!



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