Tuesday, May 27, 2008

As promised

Here is Erin and I at our Anniversary Dinner. This year, in breaking tradition, we went to Harrop's which is a restaurant and art gallery here in Milton. We had a really nice time, and we did some remembering of our Italy trip, to make sure we still did remember. It was just over a year ago when Erin shuttled off for Sicily to start what would be a fantastic trip.

For our anniversary Erin got me a brand new cordless drill that I had be coveting, and even managed to pull some sneakiness in getting it right under my nose. I used said drill to hang a bird feeder in our yard that I got for Erin, we would like to let it be known within the bird community that we now have a fine selection of feed for you and that cats will be kept inside for your protection.

I have a picture to post from the shower that Erin's aunt mailed us, so expect that soonish.

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