Friday, May 09, 2008

Pedal Clips Have Ruined Me

Last night was a take it easy night, Erin and I went out together, and I used my Hybrid not my road bike. It made for a bit of a recovery day for my poor abused legs. Unfortunately, it turns out I have become used to my pedal clips on my road bike, so for the first 10 minutes out on my hybrid I was flailing my legs like a maniac. In the end I sorted them out, but with out the clips holding my feet in place I looked the part of the idiot. As for number we road about 12.5 km, I don't have a computer on that bike, so I don't know our speed/pace.

We followed up with some curry/roti, I may have (in a gesture of bravado) spiced my face off, I will check again in the mirror after morning coffee to verify that I still have a face, but jebus was my curry hot!
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