Friday, May 09, 2008

Pedal Clips Have Ruined Me

Last night was a take it easy night, Erin and I went out together, and I used my Hybrid not my road bike. It made for a bit of a recovery day for my poor abused legs. Unfortunately, it turns out I have become used to my pedal clips on my road bike, so for the first 10 minutes out on my hybrid I was flailing my legs like a maniac. In the end I sorted them out, but with out the clips holding my feet in place I looked the part of the idiot. As for number we road about 12.5 km, I don't have a computer on that bike, so I don't know our speed/pace.

We followed up with some curry/roti, I may have (in a gesture of bravado) spiced my face off, I will check again in the mirror after morning coffee to verify that I still have a face, but jebus was my curry hot!


Anonymous said...

what kind of clips are you using? Are you using cycling shoes with a solid footbed?

I know what you mean -- once I got used to clips, there was no going back. Way to go!

Unknown said...

I believe they are the SPD style, with a non-solid sole. They are sub optimal, but I can walk around in the shoes, actually the shoes are nice.

Anonymous said...

Good, no silly cages. I am also using SPD cleats but I have a more solid sole -- I don't walk much in them, and it would not be comfortable, but the soles have some built in correction for pronation and keep my feet and knees in better alignment.

Unknown said...

One of the characteristics of solid sole cycling shoes is that I have observed, is that they are often shiny and silver, and kind of embarrassing to ware, this was also a factor in my choice :) I got the only pair that weren't butt ugly.