Tuesday, May 20, 2008

BYO-Spinning Class

So I did spinning today at the gym, sort of... I showed up at the gym with only my spinning clothes, including my cycling shoes, and hip spinning shorts (yeah bike shorts are just stupid looking.) When I'm told the spinning teacher is sick (this girl seriously needed to take a week off and get better, I just wish I had more notice.) Anyways sans gym teacher, and all gussied up for spinning, I said forget this, and just hopped on the spinning bike by myself. So I did some pretend hill climbing, and some sprinting, and I tried but was too embarrassed to shout encouragement at myself. In any respect I managed a respectable spinning class by myself, and I'm glad too, once again an evening not worthy of biking (grrr) maybe I'm getting fussy.

Instead I reseeded the front lawn, and watered both lawns.


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