Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baby Shower Mark 1

Well yesterday was a busy busy day, I know I worked all morning on clean up, but nothing looks all that clean, fencing sure is abusive on a backyard and house.  I did manage to take back all the extra lumber and swap various other pieces, and run a million other little errands, but it culminated in me having a snack literally in the shower before dashing off to join Erin at her Baby shower.  

Seriously... I ate pizza while taking a shower....  madness...

The shower was exceptionally nice, Erin's grandmother hosted it at her building (where they have a number of rooms you can book,) and her Aunt helped organize it.  All the ladies came out and showered us with baby gifts (I guess that is why they call it a baby shower, but seriously wow!)  At the moment I am playing with the little tikes bath tub shark as it cracks me up a little.

So thanks to all who organized, and attended, 'Morgan' is going to love all his great new things, just as soon as he arrives.  Please don't be alarmed if he shows his appreciation by quietly sitting, or spitting up.

I will get some pictures from Val and post them when I can.

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