Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Quick, before he returns

I have few moments to type before Geoff returns, and should he catch me at his keys, I fear reprisal. For what I must share is none other then a tale of his bafoonary!

This tale is of the night of December 25, 2005, a tale which by all rights belongs here in his personal blog but he has kept from you! I blogger-x shall not permit a media white wash such as this to stand; I will bring you, the truth!

As the wet snow fell upon that December eve, it clung like mud to all it fell upon. The cars lay thick in a blanket of snow, and Christmas guests had need of their vehicles to return home. While his beautiful wife nobly braved the cold to clean those cars, Geoff fomented a plan of sinister intent.

Creeping on the new fell snow, he uplifted a gob in frigid glee. Shaping it most craftily into deadly sphere form, he stalked down the driveway. As he neared is superlative wife, until he was certain his sub-zero projectile would fly true. At last, reaching his most advantageous striking point, he lunged to perform his wintry coup de grace

Karma struck first, with precognizant vengeance. The ape, that he is, tumbled to the ground, his footing lost between layers of slush and snow. He let loose his snowy parcel with futility, as gravity bore him to the ground. Before it began it was over, Geoff lay in the snow, defeated.

Ignominiously, he rose from the ground, proclaimed surrender without terms, and marched shamefully back inside. Triumphant, Erin the Virtuous never had need to lift arms in her own defense.

I must run now, he has returned; spread the word, before Geoff once more raises snow armaments.

Clandestinely Yours

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