Friday, January 06, 2006

Construction? Construction!

I have begun construction around the house, and like all great construction projects you need a place to do them. So my first construction project was to build a work bench. So far so good, only one small cut from a bent staple.

The following are a series of images of work bench assembly,

Step 1: Clear a work area, you can see my new miter saw on the floor.

Step 2: Cut stock to length.

Step 3: Assemble, this is actually the work bench in an incomplete state, but I need to borrow a skill saw to finish the bottom shelf.

Step 4: Finished
Tricked you no image yet.

Step 5: Tools put away all tidy like.

Tricked you yet again, I have to wait until 1) its finished, 2) and I'm become a more organized person.

My respect and gratitude goes out to the folks at Hammerzone, for this simple, yet effective workbench. Coming soon, storage shelves based on their plans.

Construction Man Geoff

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