Monday, January 30, 2006

Garage Storage Construction (Phase 3 - Temporary Update)

Hi all, I will be coming here with some pictures of my construction exploits soon enough, but I wanted to get some text out so you didn't all think I was hiding from you.

The garage construction is now done. I did all the shelves at the back as per my original design (basically :) I also added some ski storage on the side...

Funny story, so typical house studs are 16" or 18" apart (can't recall off hand, and I am too lazy to run and measure.) So I cut these two 2x4's to make my ski rack, (I did measure a set of studs at the time to confirm that they were standard width) and I pre-nailed them so I just had to walk up to the garage and drive the nails the rest of the way and it would be done easy as pie. Well as it turns out, garage studs (or at least my garage studs) are a full 2 inches further apart then standard, who knew. Clearly, measure first, and measure the correct dimension is the lesson here :)

Second story of note, is that cutting melamine is awful! I may or may not have fried my circular saw in the process (confirmation pending.) I certainly didn't cut it very straight either. I even bought a special blade for the job. Oh well I'm sure (gulp) that it is under warranty, I will verify its status later tonight.

That's basically all I have to say about the shelves. They look great, and most importantly function great :)

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