Friday, January 27, 2006

Bringing you the best of reading technology

The folks over at boingboing have found this handy tool to increase book page spread, and reduce hand fatigue while reading. It is uncertain at this time if the device contains any form of DRM preventing rereading of a novel, or other adverse DRM related effects.


Jennith said...

What is DRM? Why would it prevent rereading?


Unknown said...

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. DRM files/players are used by the music and movie industry to limit reproduction and use of downloadable content. The new Sony e-reader is esentially a new electronic book, and you can download and purchase books that use DRM to insure that you can't make copies of them. Earlier attempts at downloadable books had files with a DRM the prevented you from printing the file more then once. Unfortunetly, some of these files were illegible in certain print configurations, but you couldn't reprint them, esentially wasting your money/download. This was the elaberate thought process that brought me to sarcasticly wonder if this thumb tool contained DRM which it clearly couldn't :)

Basically, I'm a little crazy.