Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lucky Loonie

Its that time again, the time for Canada to stand proud behind its Olympians as they compete for honour and respect, for themselves and their country. Like any competitive sport there is a history, tradition and superstition, the Winter Olympics is no different. In recent years that has come in the form of a good luck talisman, and that talisman is a simple one, with no pretension, it is our one dollar coin, The Loonie.

For those who don't know the story, it is a simple one, but that is part of its charm. During the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City a Canadian, Trent Evens, was hired as the professional ice maker for the hockey arena. Little did anyone know, Trent planted a unassuming Loonie directly beneath center ice. That year, team Canada went on to capture the Olympic Gold, in both Men's and Women's Ice Hockey. Since then the Loon has taken on a mystic, and has become the good luck talisman of Canadian Athletes. Each member of the 2004 summer team was given a special issue circulation Lucky Loonie. Once again the mint has produced a coin to commemorate the Olympians, and to wish them luck. They go into circulation today, and

I urge every Canadian (or at least the first lucky 10 million Canadians) to go to your local RBC branch and pick one up. (The Royal Bank of Canada is the only bank distributing them.) Put it in your pocket, or keep it in your wallet, or maybe under a stone in your garden, or the heel of you shoe, any where intentional and special and keep it there while our men and women compete for gold this year in Torino, perhaps it will bring them luck, at the very least it might remind you of pride for your country and countrymen. For best results, and if your able, put one at centre ice of any ice rink you may keep on your property, failing that, your ice cube tray.

For more details check out the official press release.


Jennith said...

Hey Geoff,

Could you nab one for me?


Your crazy sister

I'll pay you back :D

Unknown said...

Sure I have 3 in my collection. If you just walk into any RBC branch you can pick one up for a dollar :)

Jennith said...

you are making assumptions that I know where the RBC is in Fredericton or if we even have on. I suspect so, but I only know for sure that we have a bank of montreal building because it has a fancy raft foundation designed by one of my prof's and their company.