Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More great laughs

More great jokes from my Wife, this one was either from the first Christmas we were together, or the one just before it, the video didn't include me, but I may have been camera shy. Jokes paraphrased, embellished and annotated by myself, punchlines remain unmolested from their comic genius.

The Viking Warlord Rudolph the Red looked out the window from his feast hall and proclaimed (in the hearty Viking way) "It is raining!"

His wife in a contrary fashion insisted, "No it is snowing."

Enraged Rudolph insisted it was rain, and marched his wife, his bannermen, all the serving wench and himself out into the precipitation in question. As it happens it was in fact raining, upon which Rudolph proudly exclaimed "See, Rudolph the Red knows rain, deer"

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