Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hi tech table saw will never saw your finger off

The Sawstop system induces an electrical signal onto the blade and then monitors that signal for changes. The human body has a relatively large inherent electrical capacitance and conductivity- if the system detects this, the blade drops out in 5 milliseconds! Check out the video when the saw comes in contact with a hotdog...

This is amazing, when I first read the digg post, I thought to myself that there was no way this could get out of the way fast enough. Then I watched the video, then I watched the video 5 more times. This is freaking amazing! As I build up my shop, I am putting this baby on my wish list. I may never be able to afford a proper table saw, nor do I have an enormous need for one (in spite of how much I want one :) but if I do, this one is the one for me.

I don't have to remind many of you about how accident prone I am, just look at old blogger-x's comments on Christmas eve and you will swiftly be reminded. While I have never removed a piece of me on a saw blade, I do have some scars from my summer as a machinist.

Anyways, this tool has been noted, and dugg.

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