Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Upcoming picture storm

This is a broadcast of the emergency blog warning system. This Friday marks the completion of the major structural and internal build on my house. This means I will be participating in a frame walk to become aquatinted with said internal structure, and for those things I forget, my camera will remember for me. As such, this Friday will see increase in house related posts. Do not be alarmed by long down load times as the throngs of interested people, that is those I force to, flock to this site to view this key milestone in house completion. After this post one can expect a different kind of picture post from the house, no longer will there be just studs and saw dust. Adding to this will be insulation, drywall, and fixtures, and dare I say it, cabinets! So consider thy selves warned, and enjoy! I know I will.

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Unknown said...

Looked at it, but the cost was unreasonable compared to WIFI. I wish I had conduit put in for speakers, but thats about it.