Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Next Post

The next post I am about to make is a story I wrote a few weeks back, but never finished. It doesn't come from any darker part of me, so people who might be worried don't be, I just wrote something that would let me do a few things. The first was let be abuse the English language, I wield some literary devices around like a neural surgeon with a baseball bat. The second was to amuse myself, I always have had a quirky thing for cliche's and detective stories, so I thought something in that genre might be fun. The third was because the morning I started it was raining, the city was muted, and my glasses were all speckled with water, so I was inspired.
I write a lot of things like this, that is randomly inspired oddments, and most of them end up getting deleted, but I tripped over it at lunch and figured it only required a little bit of work to be serviceable. So I serviced it and now here it is.

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