Thursday, December 02, 2004

David Usher Sign's with Maplemusic Recordings

Just a quick note here, David Usher has just signed for his forth solo album with Maplemusic Recordings. By 'just signed' I mean he signed about 2 months ago, but I don't keep up on these things. I really dig his tunes, they always hit the right level of angst with me. Arguably that is more of a Moist thing then a David Usher thing, but I really dig his work as well.
Its funny, I never really considered myself a fan of Canadian music specifically, but if you look in my CD binder, taking note of the original discs more then the burned ones, they are pretty much exclusivly Canadian: David Usher, Moist, Bare Naked Ladies, and the Arrogant Worms. The only other serious non-Canadian contender for room is Weird Al.

Oh well.

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