Thursday, December 16, 2004

Teaching Style

Trevor and I were discussing teaching style, and learning style the other day, and it made us reminisce about a particular teacher. He thought with a the shotgun of knowledge, each day blasting your head full of more stuff, until one day he blasts your head right off. I always considered him a fair teacher, in that he only tested what he taught, but dear god did he teach a lot!

On the other side you have the nambie pambie teachers who would girlie up lessons, and hold your hand to go to the bathroom, and you just didn't get anything out of those classes. For some reason I always found the courses taught by such teachers were also the courses with the easiest content, so I had wished for the shotgun of knowledge, or at least the shotgun of excitement.

Then you had the third tier of teachers, who regardless of their actual teaching style, had a testing style from hell. Enter the exam, your pumped, you know your shit, you sit down, open the book, look at the first page, second page, .... n-1 page, n page, then you go all the way back to the first page and check the course code and say "shit this is my test." They are the kind of teachers who don't actually teach what they test, only a micro subset of it, and then fail everyone, bell the grade, and leaving everyone feeling like and actual shotgun had punched a whole through their heads, or at least their egos. (I don't mean to say that super egos shouldn't be deflated, but everyone needs a little bit of self worth to get through the day, but these teachers ask you to check it at the door.)

Anyways, that's my university pigeonholing exercise for the day, I'm sure everyone has a story like this, why not post it in a comment. No names please.


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