Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Running Man

Well I set a goal, as I saw it, it was an ambitious goal. 5km in less then 30 minutes. Sure I could have done it a few weeks ago in with more time, but the time limit was set by my gyms tread mill rules. So 5km, and 30 minutes, that's the goal.

As of last week I have been going to the gym about three times a week. I don't usually get any exercise on the weekend, and I usually see a set back first day back in the next week. Last week I peeked out at 4.25 km. Which was a new high. I guess those who have been following, or read the archive know I started this a few months back, and I was blogging in pretty religiously at first, but that just because tedious. I was off to a really slow start at first, I could barely run a half a kilometer, on a good day. Then I had some serious problems with my feet and legs, then inserts for my shoes, then problems with my inserts, then progress. Progress has been good.

Like I was saying, I peeked at about 4.25 km last week, and coming back this week I was certain Monday I wasn't going to get more then a 2 - 3 km warm up. So I started off slowly, then it looked like I was doing okay, so I started bringing up the speed, and then bringing it up some more, and then some more. Before I knew it my 30 minutes were up, and I had jogged 4.501km (I didn't think my time was going to make it, but I rolled past 4.5 milliseconds before the clock flashed that my time was up.)

Then today, I was cold and tired when I walked into that gym, but my first few strides felt good, so I set my starting speed to 10.1 km / h. Basically the speed I would need to maintain if I wanted to make the 5km. At the 10 minute mark I pushed the speed higher. Somewhere around 18 minutes I accidentally knocked the safety catch off resetting the speed to zero. To make up time (not that I really lost that much) I cranked the speed up some more. At about 23 minutes, at roughly 4.3 km, I had a stich in my side. So I rolled the speed down. With about 3 -4 minutes left, and some bad math I thought, hey I can still make it. So I rammed the speed back up high, and pushed on for the last few minutes. At about 29:20 I hit the 5 km mark I hit my goal and earned my rest, so I hit the cool down button, and relaxed my way though to 30 minutes, and then did my full minute of cool down after.

So Yeah ME! I hit that goal, I really thought it was a January goal, and here I am mid-December. So I am going to focus the next few weeks on making 5km the norm, not an exceptional push. I have a week and a bit holiday at the cottage which I am sure will be a bit of a set back, but this is awesome. I just got to keep pushing myself, because every time I do, I find myself giving more. Damn now I sound like a self-help guru or something.

Anyways, in spite of my achievement I am now TIRED! I am going to get some healing rest, I just thought this was something good I could share.

Next goal, climb Everest, well maybe not!

Night all.

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