Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Expecting fathers test (please note I am not an expecting father, this just amused me.)

Situation, your partner is pregnant and about to give birth. In a panic you drive her to the hospital, not in a totally logical frame of mind. As you approach, lets say the Trillium Hospital, you see a sign, which indicates level of urgency or important, a sign. On the sign are three arrows, with textual labels. One reads ?Emergency?, the next reads ?Main Entrance?, and the third reads ?Deliveries?. The question at hand is this, in your current state do you a) take your partner to the emergency room, b) check in at the main entrance, or c) Take your partner to deliveries to deliver her baby?

If unsure, the following question might help you decide.

Does UPS stand for United Pediatric Services?

If so, then your choice is clear.

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