Monday, October 04, 2004

Don't be afraid... Be Ready!

Apparently the Department of Homeland Security made a set of images to be used on their site to help prepare people for terrorist attacks. These images have become the subject of many a spoof including on the site linked to from the title. I have take from that site some of my favorites and reproduced them for you below. Enjoy!

Know the terrorist by his bloodshot eyes and leprous hands. Many terrorists are also amateur comedians--Don't be thrown off guard by their feeble attempts at shadow puppets.

Time travel is an excellent option after a terrorist attack. Remember, you must reach exactly 88 mph and hit the dangling power line in order for the flux capacitor to operate properly.

If you see a terrorist arrow, pin it against a wall with your shoulder.

You can't help this poor arrow. Move along, there's nothing to see here.

Beware--some terrorists look like Michael Jackson and have an arsenal of clean white shirts.

Do not offer anal sex to terrorists. You will regret it afterwards.

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