Thursday, September 30, 2004

Well here is the house this week, coming along at a fair clip now, our neighbors practially have their first floor framed, and we are expecting ours to be not to far behind. Its quite awazing to watch it grow, I need to standardize the pictures I take to form a movie later on, but for now, I'm just happy.

Erin and I actually snuck, (by snuck I mean walked in, in broad daylight,) into another house just like ours that is in much later stages of development. Seeing it with the walls nearly up, really put the size into perspective, and I am thinking its just the right size for us. Nice big windows too, I won't post the pictures, becuase that seems rude, but the one thing I am glad of is that we have a lot looking onto the woodlot, becuase they were backed right up against another set of towns, and we could see from the front window of the house we were in, through the back window, into the back window of the house behind, out their front, and into the front of the house across the street, and that was just a little to cozy for comfort.

Anyways I am going to fix these pics up proper later, but here they are for now.

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